An easy and automatic video review collection app On Shopify

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Safeeda MS

Safeeda MS

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You may have created an amazing online Shopify store, so much so that your devoted following of satisfied customers is leaving positive feedback. However, because there is so much fake information and a growing number of scammers out there, your potential customers may doubt the authenticity of these reviews - especially if they suspect that some of them are not genuine.

As a result, without genuine product reviews right next to your product, your shop visitors will lack the evidence and confidence to make a purchase. So, here's the big question: how do you get genuine product video reviews on Shopify?

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What are the benefits of using a Shopify product review app?

Consumers rely on other customers' reviews and can be significantly influenced by them when deciding to buy an item, so reviews are critical to the success of any Shopify E-commerce business (or not). Reviews, like referral marketing, are one of the peer-driven marketing areas that can make or break your company.

You could manually sift through and manage your reviews, but you should use an online tool to streamline and optimize your process if you're serious about your business.

Shopify product review apps offer specific solutions to assist you in tracking reviews and, more importantly, gather more positive reviews to help your business grow. Using a review app can also improve your SEO by making your reviews visible in Google search results, resulting in more organic traffic to your shop. These apps typically require some investment, but you will see a significant return on investment if you choose the right one.

What factors contribute to the best Shopify product review app?

After reviewing dozens of product review apps in the Shopify app store, I concluded. A good Shopify product review app must meet the following requirements:

  • Simple to use and migrate: Because most Shopify store owners are not tech-savvy, a user-friendly drop-and-drag interface is essential.

  • Including photo and video reviews: Photos and videos in reviews make them more trustworthy and engaging.

  • Beautiful aesthetics: the review section must be appealing to customers' eyes to entice them to read and write more reviews.

  • Excellent value for money: It must have useful and unique features worth your money.

  • Excellent customer service: Store owners may have difficulty installing new apps, troubleshooting, and customizing them. They require a supportive team that is eager and responsive.

  • Offering rewards and loyalty incentives: Three out of every four customers prefer a store that offers loyalty programs. Rewards incentives are extremely effective in upselling and retaining loyal customers. Apps that do not include this feature are one step behind the commercial game.

How do you get automatic video product reviews on Shopify?

Waiting for your customers to take the initiative and leave a review for your product may not be the most efficient way of increasing your social proof.

A great product review app is a must-have in your arsenal if you want to increase your online store sales. These apps automatically send review requests to your customers, making the entire review collection process simple and quick. Scroll down to find the best Shopify reviews app available.

Now that we've discussed how important it is to have product video reviews on your Shopify store, you're probably eager to collect reviews from your customers.

What method do you use to collect them?

You can use only one proven approach to generate more product video reviews from your customers: ask them.

Isn't it self-evident? Yes and no, in a nutshell. All you have to do is ask, but the way you ask is critical. So, how do you solicit product video reviews from your customers?

Many store owners anticipate that their customers will immediately provide video reviews after purchasing a product. Regrettably, this is not always the case. It does not imply that they are dissatisfied with your products or loyal to you. They may forget or refuse to write you a product review for reasons unknown.

However, it has been demonstrated that they will write you a product review more than 70% of the time if you ask your customers. If you tell your customers that you want them to post a product video review, you'll be surprised at how eager they are to do so.

One method is to send them an automated text message shortly after their purchase, asking them to provide a video review of the product they purchased.

This is simple to accomplish using WhatsApp

You can even request video reviews while delivering a product by including a message on your website reminding them to write a video review.

Once you've accumulated a few video evaluations, you can share them on social media. This will aid in the creation of a bandwagon effect, causing additional buyers to leave reviews on your Shopify store after purchasing a product.

Reviewbit is the most effective tool for gathering video reviews. I always recommend this great app that dramatically increases the number of reviews such as ratings, reviews in words, and photo/video reviews for a store. Because WhatsApp is the platform that has been integrated. As a result, obtaining the same is not difficult.

Finally, some thoughts

I apologize for sounding like a broken record. Getting video reviews is difficult. Is it, however, worth the time and effort you'll have to put in? Without a doubt.

Unlike essential text-only reviews, video reviews do not appear on their own. It would be beneficial to devise a strategy for acquiring them from customers.

So, make a list of your ideas and get started