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Reviewbit makes Photo/Video Review collection easy.

Send review request via the platform people love with higher response rate

Sending Review Request e-mails is a waste of time. It has a very low open rate. Your customers are less likely to open the e-mail to write and send product reviews.

People react immediately to Review Request on WhatsApp. The message is easy to view and respond to. So, the number of Review responses is very high.

Collect reviews in a conversational style. Not as a boring form.

Responding to a Review Request through e-mail is boring and time-consuming. Customers don’t like to do it.

Review Requests through WhatsApp is engaging and interesting. Customers respond with chat messages quickly. They can send picture and video responses too.

Review Request is easier to respond to with WhatsApp. Chat, photos, videos… it’s so cool!

Responding to Review Requests through emails or online forms is time-consuming. Taking photos or videos, copying them, and then uploading, takes a lot of time and effort.

Review Requests through WhatsApp using Reviewbit is as easy as taking a photo or shooting a short video and posting it on the platform. It is just like chatting with a friend.

Customer’s review through WhatsApp is virtually instantaneous!
Now convert negative reviews into positive results immediately!

Handling negative reviews received through e-mails and online forms is time-consuming. You have to identify the customer’s phone number and reach out by phone or e-mail.

Now easily identify the customer and respond to their negative reviews (ratings below 3) almost instantaneously through WhatsApp using Reviewbit. And resolve the issue.

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