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collecting product review is not a hassle anymore

Send review request via the platform people love with higher response rate

Sending Review request Email with low open rate is waste of time and effort. your customer are less chance to open email and write a review

People often check whatsapp. Easy to get open and get response easily. there is very higher chance to get a reviews

Collect reviews as a conversational way other than submit Boring form

Submit the review form is very boring way. your customers are does not like the forms.

Ask the reviews as a conversation in the platform they engage most. your customers can submit the review with the same feeling of chat with loved ones

Collecting photo review or video reviews is easy as chating

Taking video or photo of product and upload video/photo to the form is difficult and take more time. your major customers are not willing to do that

Just click the camera button in Whatsapp and send the photo or video. that is so easy never before

Offer instant customer support for negative reviews and convert them to positive reviews

Handling Negative review is long process. Identify the customer and reachout the customer via phone or email

Just send a customer whatsapp support message for customers those who give rating below 3

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