Display reviews & boost conversions

Convert visitors into buyers with stunning review galleries that showcase your happy customers

Collect Video or Photo Reviews

Ask your customers for reviews with photos or video with automatic review requests via WhatsApp

Connect with your customers

Build strong relationships and create outstanding customer experiences

Improve retention

Encourage happy customers to buy from you again with discount offers

Built for Shopify

Revewbit review widget integrates seamlessly into your store, work with all major shopify reviews app like Loox, Judge.me, Stamped and all.

Collect reviews on autopilot

Collect reviews from past customers

Send review requests to past customers up to 3 months back, to head-start the review generation.

WhatsApp Review generation

Improve the number of reviews you receive by reaching out to customers through WhatsApp.

Offer Discounts to Reviewers

Offering Reviewer’s Discounts to past shoppers in exchange for Photo / Video reviews.

Send automatic review requests and reminders

Encourage your customers to leave a photo review with automated Message requests and followup messages, sent just at the right time

Send review request to customers in their language

Reviewbit available in in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Export reviews

Export Reviews to CSV and Import reviews to app like loox, Yotpo, Judge.me and all

Connect Better with Customers

Quicker Customer Support

Interact with customers immediately who give poor ratings below 3 and resolve their issues.

Send Custom Messages

Customize review requests with messages that match the requirements of your product or brand.

Regional Language Support

ReviewBit is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Text, Photo, and Video Reviews to Boost Conversions

Now build and boost Credibility, Conversions, and Sales with ReviewBit

Display Best Reviews

Review requests keep your brand, at the top of the mind for customers, encouraging repeat purchases.

Discounts for Happy Customers

Incentivize your customers to buy from you again by offering a discount coupon on their next purchase.

Improve retention & sell more

Engage your customers post-purchase

Sending review requests via whatsapp to customers keeps your brand top of mind and encourages repeat purchases

Offer discounts to happy customers

Incentivize your customers to buy from you again by offering them a discount coupon for the next purchase

Provide Special and instant customer support for negative reviews

Resolve the issue with your customers and make them more loyal

Collect Video or Photo Reviews

Collect video reviews easily

Collect video reviews easily via WhatsApp. Just clcik the camera button in Whatsapp and send the photo or video. that is so easy never before

Collect photo reviews automatically

Schedule automatic, fully branded review requests and reminders to encourage your customers to snap a picture and share via whatsapp

Built for Shopify

Highly customizable

Easily customize WhatsApp Messages and review requests to suit your brand.

One-click, that’s it!

Just click “Enables” and you start collecting reviews for better customer engagement.

Powerful Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite Shopify Apps - judge.me, Loox, Stamped, and more!

Ready to boost your social proof and sales?