Which Review App Makes Your Shopify Product Page Outstanding?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

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Today, Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform, with over 2 million merchants using it worldwide and the sheer number of third-party Shopify apps available demonstrates the platform's popularity.

Product review collection apps are the most popular app categories because they help generate a steady stream of customer reviews for your store's products. This directly impacts conversion rate because multiple studies show that customer reviews and reviews posted by other buyers have a strong influence on online shoppers.

You've come to the right place if you're looking for the one that will make your product page stand out. This article will undoubtedly be of assistance to you.

What exactly is an E-commerce Product Page?

A product page on an eCommerce website like Shopify is a page that describes the product to your potential customers. This is where they will find all the information they require about the product they wish to purchase. As a result, this is an essential aspect of the online store which should be considered as a serious part of your brand’s reputation building.

The product page should include a detailed description of:

  • what the product offers

  • how it will benefit customers

  •  why do require it

  • what its distinguishing features are

  • how to use it

  • the experience of customers who purchased it

  • customer feedback

  • Images, videos, and other interactive elements of high-quality supplement the written description on the page.

Some product pages also include Frequently Asked Questions to assist customers who have questions about the product and a section for “suggested products/similar products”.

Even after the purchase, the product page can be considered a valuable resource because it is the page where future customers should be persuaded to click the buy button by reading reviews from previous customers.

What elements are required on Shopify product pages?

The quality of its product pages determines the success or failure of a company. Because no product can compensate for a poorly designed page, it is critical to devote the same amount of time to product pages as you do to product curation.

Depending on the retailer, the layout of a product page varies. Some aspects of a product page, however, are required regardless of what a store sells or how it positions its brand:

Product Specifications

In conjunction with photos and video, the item's description for sale is the best chance a store owner can make a sale and convert a visitor into a buyer. Pictures convey information to customers in ways that words cannot, but a description is required to provide as much information as possible.

 Numerous characteristics are challenging to convey through pictures and video, ranging from thread counts and material used in bedding and clothing to internal specifications and capabilities of electronics. The ability to provide a wide range of product information in a concise, easy-to-read format increases the likelihood of making sales and satisfying customers.


Ecommerce store owners understand that if customers cannot see the merchandise for sale, they will not purchase it. When it comes to product pages, images are a must. When it comes to these pages, the importance of functional photography is paramount. Images should show the item from various angles in a neutral setting, preferably with a white backdrop.

 Store owners can undoubtedly include more conceptual imagery, such as lifestyle photos and images of the product in use. These, however, must be viewed as secondary to the clean, digestible, and simple product photos that a potential customer sees when visiting a product page. All photos must be appropriately sized and corrected in terms of color and balance.


Videos are more recent additions to ecommerce product pages, but they are no less important. The infrastructure required to create these functional, item-focused videos is slightly more complex than that required to create photos. Still, store owners with a simple lighting setup, a neutral backdrop, and a smartphone or tablet with a video camera can do so. 

Product videos highlight the functional aspects of merchandise that can't be seen in still images, providing customers with a complete product picture. A how-to video or written guide is required for stores selling products with complicated moving parts or other functionality that requires explanation. These videos and related information can be found on product pages and a dedicated FAQ page.

Product feedbacks

Customers' reviews of your merchandise are powerful ecommerce marketing tools that should be given a lot of space on product pages. Reviews supplement a store owner's product details by providing a different perspective on how a product looks, feels, and functions. Indeed, numerous marketing studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of including product reviews on product pages.

 The inclusion of reviews must be planned from the beginning, but they cannot be used until customers provide them. Product reviews should be encouraged early on by ecommerce store owners to use these powerful tools in marketing and sales efforts.

Layout and design

The overall appearance of a product page does not need to be overly complicated. The emphasis must be on the clear display of the product itself, rather than the store owner's Web design or layout skills. With that in mind, a few design elements are required to make a page visually appealing. 

Color usage is essential in background elements, and it should adhere to the design guidelines used throughout the store. The logo or wordmark should be visible but not overpower the primary image and focus of the page: the product description and hero image. Numerous standard product page templates are available to take the guesswork out of page design and development.

The reviewbit assures in making your product page outstanding

Reviewbit's customizable review widget meets your product page needs better than expected. This app collects reviews via WhatsApp, and you can publish those reviews as a widget with ratings, reviews, and photo/video reviews on the product's page.

You can automatically publish every collected review. So you're not concerned with finding time to publish each review. Furthermore, because the review widget is completely customizable, you can customize it to match your theme. This app enables businesses to collect customer reviews via WhatsApp and publish them on product pages, with a more than 30% conversion rate than email.

Wrapping it up

Product reviews are one of the most important aspects of a successful eCommerce store. Choosing the best product review app for your Shopify product page that can assist you in establishing legitimacy and social proof among your website visitors, which is essential for higher conversions. Choose the best to meet your needs and make your store stand out.