How Can Shopify Themes Help You Launch a Successful Online Store?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Safeeda MS

Safeeda MS

Macy is the CEO of Outline and founder of multiple other design tool unicorns. She lives in Portland with her partner and 2 dogs.

An Internet shop`s design is one of the most critical things that will affect the customers' experience. It is the interface that will be able to stimulate them to make a purchase, save the store`s link and share it with friends. On the other hand, if the design is poorly chosen, then it can also repel a potential customer.That’s why it’s so important to carefully plan your interface and take the time to find the perfect Shopify template to increase your sales and grow your audience. You can’t rush into this matter, but the search process can be a little faster with the help of helpful information. In the post, readers will see essential tips from MasterBundles experts: why the Shopify theme is important, what types of themes there are, and how to choose the perfect option for business promotion.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Shopify Theme

Some believe that a simple and basic design of an online store is the secret to success because the client doesn't have to get used to the interface, all elements and features will be familiar. We only partially agree with this: comfortable and familiar structures are undoubtedly an advantage, but the non-original design will nullify all attempts to be competitive.

By choosing not only a convenient but also an unhackneyed Shopify theme, a business owner will be able to get the following advantages:

  1. The brand becomes more memorable. 

Chances are high that the client will highlight the original theme and user-friendly elements among other competitive portals.

       2. Product categorization will become simple and rational.

With an abundance of highly targeted and multi-purpose templates, you have the opportunity to choose the appropriate structure for your type of product.

       3. There is a wide choice of various functional options.

Due to the variety of topics, the client can pick options with those elements that matter most — for example, conversational chatbots.

This way, a theme that is maximally focused on the type of your business or your target audience is the key to success and stable sales growth.

Here are a few variants of the well-designed Shopify online stores

Shopify ThemesShopify ThemesShopify Themes

Three Kinds of Themes: What to Pay Attention to?

Great, the importance of choosing a Shopify theme is now undeniable — this nuance can be attributed to the key points that will increase the sale of products. Next, you should figure out what types of templates exist, and how to choose the most appropriate category:

  1. The first group — free themes. 

Examples: Debut, Brooklyn, Boundless, Venture. Their main advantage is that they do not need to spend a single dollar, which is important for a start-up business. However, keep in mind that free options often do not have a large selection of features, and they are not at all original.

        2. The second group — premium themes. 

Examples: Impulse, Symmetry, MolteStore, Envy. They are much more varied and have more interesting elements. On the other hand, their number is also somewhat limited, and the pricing policy may be too high.

        3. The third group — themes from third-party platforms. 

Examples: Apparelix, Digitic, JazzBeat, and Anemone from the professional Shopify templates tab on MasterBundles or other marketplaces. Such options are much more diverse than the first and second groups, their range is amazing. In addition, business owners can find themes that will suit both the visual and the price due to the large selection.

Shopify ThemesShopify ThemesShopify ThemesShopify Themes

So, if your business is still small, and large expenses are undesirable, then you can find suitable templates in the free section. If the budget allows and you want to achieve the greatest response from the audience, then premium themes or designs from third-party developers are what you need.

How to Choose the Perfect Theme That Will Promote Your Business?

An internet shop`s theme is an essential tool that works as a link between a business and its customers. Currently, the Shopify store has over a hundred great templates (both free and premium), and third-party platforms offer even more interesting options for every taste, so it's certainly not easy to choose.

But you are not the first to face this problem! And to make it easier for our readers to find that “diamond”, the designers have compiled a detailed guide with the most important steps for choosing a  template:

  1. The first step: the preparation work. 

Before you explore the range, you need to answer key questions. What theme do I need: promoting one product, many of the same type of products, or a variety of products? How should products be displayed in the store structure? Am I looking for a theme that will grow with the business or a template that will last for a limited amount of time? By answering these questions, it will be easier for you to understand what exactly you are looking for.

       2. The second step: get familiar with the settings. 

If you are well versed in this topic, then the search can be narrowed down to complex and complex templates with a ton of interesting features. If you are not very familiar with the features of Shopify theme settings, then it is better to take free or simple templates.

       3.The third step: determine elements and features that are mandatory for you. 

For example, if you are selling items, then you can't do with a tab with size tables for different types of clothing. If there are a lot of products, then you will need a mega menu. By the way, at first, Shopify offers a primitive default theme — and if the experience on this platform is fresh for you, then be sure to try this template. It will give an understanding of why certain features are needed.

     4. The fourth step: check the demo mode. 

Try to choose themes that you can test in the trial version, play with its features, and experience for yourself — this will allow you to understand how the elements suit your business needs. You can also find stores that are already using the chosen theme and see how it works in the real world.

     5. The fifth step: Thoroughly research theme support. 

This is probably one of the most critical parameters that cannot be ignored if you want to have a 100% perfect theme and use it for the benefit of your business.

  6. The sixth step: check the flexibility and adaptability of the theme to different devices. 

Only a part of users explore online stores through laptops and computers, while a lot of customers like to shop through smartphones and tablets. The interface of your store`s theme should be convenient for all categories of screens that can be applied by the target audience.

And, of course, remember that even if you have not found the perfect theme that will meet all the requirements, do not be disappointed at all. You can always choose the closest option that will grow with your business and contribute the commercial activity to its success. Hope that the tips were helpful and relevant for your Internet shop development!