Product Review Videos- All You Need to Know

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Professional videos versus customer videos 

We have all grown up watching commercials in which doctors promote toothpastes or young mothers speak about the benefits of a certain health drink for their children.   

A person in a white coat and stethoscope added a whole new level of credibility and we seemed to trust his words readily. The young mother’s words were completely absorbed by others who rushed to the nearest supermarkets to get that particular drink for their child. In all these commercials we had ‘experts’ endorse the products. 

With marketing now gone to the next level, celebrity or expert endorsements don’t do the trick anymore. That’s why we need to take our videos to the next level as well. Along with professional advertisements/videos of the products, we have to add video testimonials also to attract and gain the trust of new buyers.  

What are video reviews? 

Whether you are a big retailer or a small one, you need product reviews to sell. Product reviews can come in the form of text reviews or photos and videos of your products in use. These are the raw, authentic photos/videos by users who have actually tried the products. These photos and videos give the much-needed credibility to your products that none of your most professional photographs can match. 

How important are video reviews for your products? 

All of us like to purchase from well-known and well-loved brands. And, how do we know the brands are well-loved? From the testimonials of course! 

Buyers these days need to hear opinions from people who have actually used the products. They are looking for unbiased opinions from fellow shoppers. This doesn’t mean that professional videos from brands should be completely ignored. The perfectly scripted and shot professional videos are still important to inform and educate people about the products. But we need more than that to beat the tough competition around.  

Video testimonials work wonders for your brand. Customers trust peer reviews like they trust their friends and family.  

Some stats about video testimonials will give you an idea how important video testimonials are for your business: 

79% of buyers have watched video testimonials to know more about a product or service. 

28% rise in brand engagement was seen after publishing video reviews. 

2/3 of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video testimonial from a fellow shopper. 

How to use video testimonials to boost conversion? 

Video reviews can be showcased in the right way on your storefront to attract customers and boost conversion.  

  • Video testimonials can be added to your product page as social proof of your product quality. It enhances your brand image and increases conversion. Video reviews can turn a casual visitor into your customer. 

  • You can add videos along with product recommendations as well. While trying to cross sell or upsell, attach a video testimonial to attract your customers. 

  • Video reviews are a great way to prompt people to act on their abandoned carts. For example, if one of your customers have a pair of boots in their cart and are hesitant to buy, try sending a reminder with a video of a happy customer walking stylishly in those boots.  

How do I make people leave video reviews? 

Even though many customers these days are willing to give reviews, we manage to get reviews from very few. Brands have to reach out to their customers and request for reviews.  

Here are a few ways to get the maximum positive responses for your review requests. 

  • First and foremost, ease the entire process of leaving reviews. If your customers have to download something, sign-up for an account, or spend a lot of time uploading and sending the videos, they are less likely to take the trouble. Provide a platform where they can record the videos and send them along, with the least hassle. 

  • Another way you can encourage buyers is by incentivizing reviews. You can offer them gift coupons in exchange for video reviews. This will not only make them leave reviews but also prompt them to make a second purchase as well.  

  • Personalizing review requests also produces great results. Personalize the content by adding customer names and product details and also let the customers know how important their reviews are to you.   

  • You can also send reminders/follow-up messages to nudge the willing but forgetful ones to leave a review. Send at least 2 reminders after your review requests.  

A single tool for star ratings, text reviews, photo reviews and video reviews 

Shopify review application, Reviewbit is a handy tool you can use to collect product reviews in the form of star ratings, text reviews, photo reviews, and video reviews.  

With Reviewbit, you get a complete product review tool. It not only lets you collect reviews, but also publish them on your home page or product page in eye-catching widgets. 

Separate requests and follow-up messages can be sent for star ratings, text reviews, and photo/video reviews through Reviewbit to ensure maximum results. You can also send discount coupons as an incentive for sending reviews.  

Reviewbit uses WhatsApp to reach out to your customers. Unlike the requests sent through email, WhatsApp review requests neither end up in the spam folder nor are they left unopened. WhatsApp review requests sent using Reviewbit has a proven conversion rate of 36% as opposed to a 1% conversion rate of traditional email requests.  

Use this intuitive, user-friendly tool and watch the reviews pouring in. Click here to try it for free. 

In conclusion

All businesses, especially e-commerce stores depend on customer reviews to enhance brand image and boost sales. Product reviews in the form of videos play a major role in helping them gain customer trust. By choosing the best product review tool to reach out to customers, brands are sure to receive lots of amazing video testimonials from their happy customers. 

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