Top Benefits of Using Conversational Chatbots in Your Shopify Business

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

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Are chatbots in e-commerce helpful or do buyers genuinely fear them? Humans can only create good technology if they apply it effectively. Chatbots can be beneficial to online stores and are worth considering for them. In recent years, chatbots have been on the rise and have gained widespread acceptance. By analyzing conversational cadences, chatbots can mimic human conversations and provide services by responding to written or spoken requests. Rather than just understanding commands, they can understand language because they use artificial intelligence. Therefore, chatbots become smarter as they have more conversations with users. Chatbots have emerged as a popular eCommerce trend for businesses to adopt. By 2024, Global Market Insights projects that the global market for chatbots will reach $1.3 billion.

What makes chatbots so important?

Chatbots represent a huge opportunity for businesses to engage, communicate, and stay in touch with their customers via messaging apps. Chatbots are regarded as the wave of the future in eCommerce, customer service, management, and so on. Chatbots are changing the way people market on social media. They offer a new way for brands to connect with their customers and build relationships without spending money on advertising. Brands can engage their customers in subtle and meaningful ways. This may be quite difficult,  however, chatbots make it simple and easy. 

The main benefits of chatbots in business use

The benefits of chatbots in eCommerce listed below will help you reach more customers, improve customer service, and increase sales. Take a closer look at how a chatbot works.

1) Real-Life interaction

Machines and humans communicate more efficiently with chatbots using AI (Artificial Intelligence). A chatbot connects previous questions with other questions to improve human-machine interaction. Customers can receive personalized responses from chatbots by linking questions together.

2) Round-the-clock assistance

You can eliminate this cost with chatbots while still ensuring that your customers are served immediately - regardless of the time of day. Offering your customers 24-hour support is a great way to ensure customer satisfaction.

3) Individualization

One of the primary advantages of using chatbots in eCommerce is that it allows for endless personalization options. Chatbots can help you collect data about your website visitors' interests and preferences, which you can then use to make better product recommendations and suggestions. 

4) Cost effective

According to eCommerce chatbot statistics, businesses spend approximately $1.3 trillion per year on customer requests. With the help of chatbots, this cost could be reduced by 30%. Because chatbots handle the majority of your customer service tasks, you will require less human assistance. This will significantly reduce human error and provide efficient customer service with minimal resource costs.

5) Page-targeting e-commerce

AI-powered chatbots engage users in conversation by directing them to multiple legitimate website pages. Chatbots ask customers questions based on the page they are on. Page targeting is an effective method of encouraging customers to purchase a service or product from an e-commerce website. Chatbots foster positive customer relationships by anticipating and acting on their customers' needs. Online shoppers will respond to the chatbots' triggers by taking action on the page.

6) Retrieve the cart

As an online merchant, chatbots can help you reduce cart abandonment by reminding customers about abandoned shopping cart items. Once they have reached the checkout page, it directs them to finish their purchase. Generally, customers return to their cart after receiving such reminders to complete their purchases.

7) Increase participation

Customers prefer to buy from companies that provide excellent customer service and respond quickly to their messages and inquiries. If you want to keep your customers engaged, you should integrate chatbots to increase interactions and improve the user experience. Customer engagement will also increase as chatbots allow you to respond instantly.

8) Obtaining new clients

Using chatbots allows you to expand the reach of your brand. Let us inform you that the majority of customers use chatbots on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. By integrating chatbots into your social media business pages and remaining active, you will be able to reach a wide pool of potential customers.

9) Increased sales

Chatbots assist customers in providing excellent customer service, which leads to increased sales. 

10) Immediate and Multilingual Response

A chatbot is built to handle thousands of customer inquiries and respond quickly. You can also use your chatbot to respond to your customer's inquiries in their native language by customizing it as a multilingual chatbot. 

Reasons to choose the Shopify chatbot apps 

To select the best AI-powered chatbot, isn't it exhausting to compare the features of each one? Your Shopify eCommerce website can benefit from a Shopify chatbot. Customer problems and questions are answered by a Shopify chatbot in real time. Shopify store owners can increase sales by using AI chatbots. 

While live chat can sometimes meet customer needs, AI chatbots can perform multiple tasks and answer their questions immediately. Setting up a chatbot for your website is not difficult at all and there are many tools available that can help you do this quickly and easily.  Adding a chatbot to your Shopify store improves the customer experience and attracts more potential customers.

Best Shopify chatbot apps

  • Ochatbot

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for engaging users in conversation. Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables Ochatbot's human-like conversation to engage customers at just the right time. Create a customer-focused business with Ochatbot for Shopify chat.

Key features

  • Ochatbot can be easily installed on your website with a single script.

  • A Shopify chatbot that learns new things every day is the best online chatbot for Shopify. In the chat window, Ochatbot can provide short product descriptions.

  • By integrating cross-sells and upsells, it increases sales.

  • Ochatbot is linked to thousands of CRMs.

  • When it comes to high-level customer support, Ochatbot can be contacted live.


  • As part of the conversation, Ochatbot uses various triggers to assist with cart recovery.

  • A key feature of Ochatbot's interaction with customers is page targeting.

  • Ochatbot's code-free nature makes chatbot implementation simple.

  • This AI chatbot answers the customer's questions with personalized responses, lowering the support team's costs.


  • Small-scale omnichannel communication.

  • Relish AI chatbot

Using artificial intelligence, the relish AI chatbot helps you grow your online store's sales round-the-clock. Chatbot apps also automate your workload with live chat solutions.

Key features

  • Discuss abandoned carts with customers to encourage them to make purchases.

  • AI chatbot features back-in-stock notifications, newsletter signups, and exit intents.


  • It provides users with individualized support.

  • Resolves shipping, return, and cancellation issues quickly.

  • Effective voice, phone, and email communication.


  • Difficult to set up and has a complicated user interface.

  • Few possibilities exist for customization.

  • Tidio

A sophisticated live chat solution Tidio makes it simple and easier for your Shopify store. Undoubtedly, this app will attract visitors with its automated response. 

Key features

  • Live chat answers customers' frequent questions by connecting them to a variety of communication channels.

  • Facebook Messenger, email, and live chat are three ways that website visitors can communicate with the company.

  • By monitoring order status and product information with this Chatbot, Shopify store owners can optimize their Shopify website.


  • Simple to use and offers online business owners several templates.

  • Providing trite answers and assisting customers in finding products

  • Lowers help desk expenses.


  • Lack of omnichannel support

  • Drag-and-drop functionality requires some setup effort

  • Might be challenging for online business owners to obtain customer information through conversation.

  • ProProfs chatbot

One of the best online shopping bots, ProProfs ChatBot, will simplify and streamline support requests for your eCommerce store. This chatbot is renowned for producing human-like conversational experiences that assist your company in successfully engaging and retaining website visitors. Additionally, it enables your company to successfully gather comprehensive information by allowing you to ask visitors both multiple-choice and open-ended questions.

Key features

  • It aids in directing visitors to the appropriate department

  • The creation of tickets for site visitors with technical issues

  • Incorporates a knowledge base to assist you in displaying helpful content to visitors.

  • Uses branching knowledge to plan the flow of a conversation.


  • Quickly it responds to visitors and engages them as soon as a potential customer connects through it.

  • This chatbot app offers both automated functions and human support.

  • The ProPros chatbot app will greet your online customers proactively.

  • Third-party tools like custom designed CRM application, Helpdesk, email marketing, Knowledge Base, etc. work well with ProProfs’ built-in features.


  • There is no case study on the website demonstrating how ProPros increased customer satisfaction and sales.

  • Maisie chatbot

A humanized chatbot named Maisie gives online shoppers tailored product recommendations.

Key features

  • The Maisie chatbot allows customers to sign up for off-site notifications as well. With Maisie, you'll grow your subscriber base.

  • For Shopify store owners, Maisie also lowers the cost of support tickets.


  • Customers are questioned before a sale by Maisie, increasing sales.

  • Clients will receive enticing opt-ins.

  • Rests across multiple channels.


  • No integration with CRM.

Are eCommerce chatbots rising?

Finding methods to enhance the entire customer experience is (almost) every company's top goal right now. In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, doing so will also lay the groundwork for long-term client loyalty. A brand's or company's website is also one of the most important interfaces for customers with brands. The gap between businesses and their customers has never been narrower, so businesses must strive to address every area in which they can reduce it. Chatbots for customer service has swiftly emerged as one method of doing just that. Around 40% of internet users worldwide prefer interacting with chatbots across a range of industries and commercial sectors. 


Customers can interact with brands on their terms, reducing the number of abandoned carts for eCommerce companies. While chatbots can be extremely beneficial to businesses, they can never completely replace human support. They cannot be trusted to handle sensitive matters, for example. Take some time to understand your goals before deciding on the type of eCommerce chatbot that's right for you. 

It can also be used as an interactive marketing tool, which means that it can provide discounts or special offers when customers mention a specific product or service. Using chatbots in your eCommerce business is one of the most important things you can do to make your business more successful and profitable. E-commerce businesses will benefit greatly from chatbots, even though they won't replace humans. Get access to a digital transformation company that can help you build a successful e-commerce chatbot.