How Reviewbit helped Cookd collect more reviews

At Cookd, we love Review Bit and the team behind it. The team is super friendly and are always available to resolve our queries. The integration is simple and effective. The features are exactly what we need and we were able to customize the messages as well. We would recommend this product !


founder and CEO, Cookd

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How Reviewbit helped HOBO collect more reviews

Excellent app - really recommended. Their support team is really cool. They helped me setting up widgets with and all technical support through a collaboration account.

HOBO, Pakisthan


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How Reviewbit helped The Ayurvedic Experience collect more reviews

“We were initially a little skeptical about the new app. There are lots of tools to collect customer reviews these days. I wondered how Reviewbit would be different. But the results are amazing. We were able to collect 10x more reviews than before. Also, it offers seamless integration with other apps we were already using

Ankur Sharma


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How Reviewbit helped Florina Cosmetics collect more reviews

I use this application for my e-commerce in Central America, because here everything is done by whatsapp. The reviewbit widget on the product page is really nice. The developers fix small problems quickly. Small downside: By default, customers have to make a choice to select an already written review. So we end up with a lot of similar reviews.

Florina Cosmetics

Costa Rica

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