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Yotpo is a growing e-commerce marketing solution with many reputed clients.  

With services like customer reviews, subscriptions, and referrals all under one roof, Yotpo is a much-loved option among Shopify customers. However, some customers find Yotpo’s user interface a little complicated, while others tend to feel it’s a little pricey.  

What if you have a cost-effective and intuitive Yotpo alternative that provides all of Yotpo’s features and much more?  

Shopify review application Reviewbit provides you with a great platform to engage your customers, collect reviews and display them on your product page. It’s a cost-effective yet feature-rich application to help you collect and add user-generated content to your e-commerce store. 

Customer engagement is fun and intuitive


Instead of a traditional customer review request through email, Reviewbit collects reviews via WhatsApp. Through a fun and intuitive chat experience, we engage customers better and prompt them to send their reviews.  

In fact, Reviewbit has a proven track record of a 30% conversion rate. This is no negligible feat when compared to the 2% conversion rate of email review requests.  

 Email review requests like that of Yotpo have a low open rate and can even end up in the trash folder. We overcome both these drawbacks by using WhatsApp as our medium.  

If Yotpo’s  user interface is a bit too complicated for you, try out this amazing Yotpo alternative instead-    

No separate charges for photo/videos 

Reviewbit sends a separate request to collect photos and videos. The photos/videos collected can be displayed on your product page along with text reviews without any extra charge. On Yotpo, you have to shell out at least $19 for photo and video reviews. 

Display social proof in beautiful widgets 

By enabling the review widgets, you can directly showcase all your reviews on your home/product/ collection page.  

Display star rating badges, text reviews and photo video reviews in beautiful widgets on your product pages without spending extra. Reviews can be displayed as full page or carousal reviews. Using Reviewbit widgets, customer reviews can be added to your home page, product page, or collection page as per your preference, whereas in Yotpo you have to pay extra to display your reviews. 

Easy to integrate 

Yet another feature that makes Reviewbit a preferred Yotpo alternative is the ease of integration. Reviewbit can be easily integrated with the other Shopify review apps that you are already using. Integrate Reviewbit with other Shopify apps at the click of a button and start enjoying the features of both apps simultaneously. In the case of Yotpo, you might require the help of a developer.  

An affordable way to gather social proof 

Gather social proof and add credibility to your store with Reviewbit’s cost-efficient plans. Starting with the Free Plan, we have multiple options catering to the requirements of businesses of all sizes. Even after your plan limit is reached, we will continue to send review requests. You can renew your plans anytime to view these reviews.

To check out our pricing plans, visit here.

Apart from these advantages over Yotpo, Reviewbit also has many other exciting features which makes it a great Yotpo alternative: 

Reviewbit is fully automated and can be set up in just a few clicks. 

You can import your past orders on which you haven’t received reviews and start off your review process immediately after installation. 

You will be provided multiple templates to choose from. You can either choose one of these or add your own messages. Using inserted variables and choosing your own style of language, you can customize the templates your way. 

Discount codes can be sent to customers as an incentive for the reviews collected. You just have to set up the discount messages once and then the automated system does the work for you. 

For those looking for a cheaper and user-friendly alternative for Yotpo, Reviewbit is the ideal option. This feature-rich application offers a host of benefits for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool to aid your digital marketing efforts.  To know more about the app and make it a part of your store, visit here.