What's A Good App To Ask For Reviews on Shopify?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

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Running an eCommerce shop always has one internal goal of enhancing conversions, (boosting sales)!

Nowadays, with the right app or tool, there are innumerable ways (some conventional, some innovative) to enhance conversions to reach your business goal.

Though, building the trust of the audience is still the number one factor! And, there are plentiful options to do so.

The usual trust indications are:

  • SSL Certificates

  • Chat Services

  • Group Membership on your Website

And another significant factor is implementing a Shopify product review app in your system.

  • Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Out Fake Reviews?

  • The top 5 review apps for Shopify businesses!

  • Which review app do we think works the best?

  • So, are you Ready to Implement A Review App in your Store? 

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Out Fake Reviews?

  • In recent years, businesses have been accused of using fake reviews to drive sales. Some well-known authors were discovered to be reviewing their works under various fictitious names, some of which was on the New York Best Seller lists. This behavior is frowned upon and is prohibited by many selling platforms' terms and conditions.

  • If you promote fake reviews on Amazon, for example, your products will be removed. While you are technically permitted to use fake reviews on your website, some groups keep an eye out for them.

  • If you use fake reviews to promote your items, you risk being embarrassed on social media and traditional media, resulting in long-term consequences.

  • It would help if you also were cautious when importing reviews. Some websites, such as Amazon, will claim ownership of reviews. Using them on your website may result in legal action against your company.

This is why you should use one of the Shopify product review applications recommended in this article. You will have very few reviews when you first start. 

On the other hand, these apps can assist you in generating more reviews and proudly displaying them to your website visitors. They can also import them from the appropriate websites, ensuring that you do not violate copyright rules.

Which are the best Shopify review apps?

One of the most efficient strategies to develop trust with your consumers is to display customer reviews. Most buyers regard feedback and customer reviews as trustworthy sources of information, which significantly impacts their online purchasing decisions. You'll need a Shopify review app to assist you in collecting more reviews and, as a result, boost your conversion rate. Here are the top five best Shopify review applications to check out.

Reviewbit-With a 30% conversion rate compared to email, retailers can collect customer reviews via WhatsApp and display them on their product pages.

  • You can collect ratings, reviews, and photo/video reviews from your consumers because the platform is WhatsApp.

  • This app can be easily handled, and it also sends out review requests automatically after fulfillment, purchase, and delivery.

  • You don't be bothered about publishing collected reviews because that will also be done automatically.

  • This app also includes a widget that can be customized. So that you can customize the review widget to match the theme of your store

  • If you added a rating stars confirmed badge, your store would be more trustworthy.

  • Judge.me and stamped.io are also integrated into this app.

Judge.me Product Reviews: is a fantastic Shopify review software for collecting and displaying star ratings and product reviews. You can get more positive product reviews with text, photographs, and videos if you use this app. 

Judge.me - Product Reviews makes displaying review pages and tabs on your website a breeze. Furthermore, you can send emails to past customers encouraging them to post evaluations directly in the email. If a customer fails to leave a review, the system will email them a reminder along with a voucher to entice them to do so.

Loox: It is a full-featured product review solution that lets you collect and display customer feedback on your website in a beautiful way. It sends out automated review request emails, requests reviews with delivery-based timeliness, and provides discounts for uploading a photo or video. As a result, you may acquire more genuine reviews with this functionality and improve client retention.

Ali Reviews Product Reviews: is a Shopify product review software with thousands of good reviews and may help you establish trust and sales revenue. It solicits feedback from your consumers by sending them customizable and automatic review request emails. For example, you can schedule emails based on order status and include country timing to ensure that emails reach customers at the optimal moment.

Fera Product Reviews: The app provides you with customizable widgets and looks amazing right away. You may easily choose to display product reviews or a list of all shop reviews. Furthermore, the app increases customer trust by displaying average store rating badges.

Not only can you record and display sales with the app, but you can also present reviews and client testimonials in various ways. For example, all reviews can be shown as pop-ups or embedded on your product pages. In addition, average product ratings appear in search results by default.

Which review app do you think is the best?

Reviewbit comes highly recommended by me. Reviewbit is a one-of-a-kind product review tool that allows small and large businesses to automatically collect customer feedback via WhatsApp. Reviewbit allows you to maximize social evidence and client trust without harming your brand. Merchants use our simple reviews plugin to collect customer comments on WhatsApp, Shopify, and Shopify Plus, which helps them enhance social proof and sales.

With a high response rate and 100% open rate, WhatsApp can help you collect feedback from your clients. You may convert all of your orders into reviews because of WhatsApp's high open-rate.

Wrapping up

I have listed some major beneficial review apps on the Shopify app store. Hope you got a better one that best suits your store. Please share any information about other review apps in the comment section if you have information about other review apps. I’ll update the content accordingly if that helps the Shopify merchants.

Best of luck!