Visual UGC Solution for Your Shopify Store

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Safeeda MS

Safeeda MS

Macy is the CEO of Outline and founder of multiple other design tool unicorns. She lives in Portland with her partner and 2 dogs.

Several customers make buying decisions based on visual content such as videos/photos.

Photos/videos have become an essential part of daily life. Photography and videography were only available to those with expensive equipment and training. It is now, but, accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. So, creating visual content is not a difficult task.

How do we create appealing content that engages the intended audience? Let's begin without much delay.

What exactly is Visual UGC?

UGC is an abbreviation for User Generated Content. It is visual in the form of videos, images, and photos. User-generated content is any content not created by the account or page owners. Regular users instead create it.

UGC content creators do not expect payment for their efforts, and it is without any formal collaboration between a company/brand and the user. As a result, the company has little control over UGC. They may, but, define a framework and encourage specific outcomes.

Why is visual user-generated content so important to customers?

Visual UGC is beneficial to your Shopify business, but it is also beneficial to your customers like this:

  • They get to see how a product looks in person.

  • They can get a better sense of the product's size or sizing.

  • Consumers learn how a product works because UGC is more authentic and "real" than imagery created by a brand.

  • They can determine whether a product meets their specific requirements.

  • UGC helps to build trust in a product or brand.

What role does UGC play in promoting your Shopify brand?

  • Allows you to easily communicate with your target audience.

  • It increases traffic, engagement, and conversions without much difficulty.

Allows You and Your Target Audience to Communicate very easily

Social media marketing has been brand-led, brand-sponsored, and brand-intensive. But, including user-generated content will open up a communication channel between your company and its target audience.

Listen to your target audience's ideas, suggestions, and feedback, and you'll learn from both positive and negative feedback. It will also allow you to address some key points and use the conversation to improve customer service and the customer experience.

It increases traffic, engagement, and conversions without any difficulty

When you connect with your customers through UGC, you directly align your brand with them. When customers promote or draw attention to your company, you convert them into fans or product ambassadors. As a result, it boosts engagement and drives more traffic to your social media pages.

Its Genuine Validation is outstanding

When users power social media, it boosts brand credibility. Brands gain social proof and validation that their products are liked and valued by customers.

Consumers trust user-generated content more than brand-sponsored or creative ads. People generally find it easy to relate to others similar to them. Rather than a brand, shoppers connect with a satisfied customer.

Reviewbit's visual user-generated content

With all-new features and improved functionalities, reviewbit's Visual UGC solution enables brands to surface influential customer-created photos and videos that drive inspiration more quickly and then easily showcase them at high-converting touchpoints along the buyer journey, through the website product page.

Our Visual UGC solution is now the go-to tool for Shopify brands looking to maximize conversion by leveraging visual content. Customers who see UGC on a brand's website convert at a 60 percent higher rate than those who do not.

Install the Reviewbit app, which allows businesses to collect customer reviews via WhatsApp and publish them on product pages with a 30% conversion rate compared to email.

  • Because the platform is WhatsApp, you can easily collect ratings, reviews, and photo/video reviews from your customers.

  • The app is very simple to use, and it also sends review requests automatically after fulfillment/buy/delivery.

  • You can also have those reviews approved automatically.

  • This app also includes a customizable widget. As a result, you can customize the review widget to match your store's theme.

  • The rating stars verified badge would increase the trustworthiness of your store.

  • This app also integrates with and

With the click of a button, brands can curate content quickly and create beautiful, and shoppable, galleries.

Final thoughts

Reviewbit's visual UGC solution will help the brands to create the best shopping experience that builds community with real customer photos and videos. Those reviews will bring confidence with visual proof, and shorten the path to buying the products.