5 tips to drive sales with a visual review strategy on your Shopify store

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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Visual review strategy is the process of planning, designing, and displaying your product's reviews to highlight their features and benefits.

The visual review strategy aims to attract and motivate customers to buy something—it's the secret of successful retail stores.

The barrier to entry is well-designed products with fewer ratings. But visual review strategy takes your business to the top. It's what brings customers into your store and encourages them to spend money.

Not sure how to get started with a visual review strategy? This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of creating effective store displays with visual reviews strategy to catch your customers' attention and get them to make a purchase.

Why is the visual review strategy important?

Let's consider why merchants should consider this visual review strategy when constructing their store presence.

Increased social influence

Shoppers are more likely to share images of your store online if the visual review collection is excellent. In addition, customers can use their feeds to share Stories or Photographs of your products and setup.

This exposes your brand to a larger, more likely purchase audience. Realizing that 93 percent of buyers believe user-generated material is beneficial in purchasing decisions, merchants want to work on organically increasing their social influence.

Increased sales

The goal of a visual review strategy is to improve customer experience and increase sales. Customers will enter your store looking for visual stimuli. You'll experience higher sales if you can capture their interest and guide them around your store.

Customers remain at the store for longer periods

When done right, businesses can affect how much time a customer spends in the store and what they buy. People can engage with the images of the exact product as it is like Holding a plant pot, resting in a plush chair, or trying on and using trial products are all examples of this.

Here are the 5 tips to drive sales with a visual review strategy

Tip #1 Integrate with a review app

Integrate with a review app that helps you automate asking for feedback and scales with your firm is a guaranteed method to collect more customer visual reviews.

To help generate social proof, make gathering reviews a regular part of your business operations and processes. More visual reviews equal more proof, which can help your retail firm get more trust.

visual strategy

It's also critical to get new reviews regularly, as old ones don't attract new buyers to become paying customers as much. Include a review system on your Shopify store.

You can look at different retailers' online storefronts to see how they handle feedback but consider including a star rating system and visual reviews(because customers believe that is the essential metric).

You may utilize a variety of Shopify apps to add product review functionality to your eCommerce site.

Tip #2 Deploy chatbots

Excellent customer service will surely help you differentiate yourself from the competition and convince clients to spend money with you. To start making real money with your Shopify business, ensure that every customer who visits your website is treated like a king or queen.

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With chatbots, you're providing customers with the VIP service they need to decide to buy from your store. The reaction time is one of the most important criteria in providing great service.

According to a survey, the most significant features of the customer support experience, independent of channel, are speed of response (90 percent) and speed of resolution (90 percent).

Tip #3 Get photo/video reviews

You already know how good your products are. However, until customers are aware of this and express their ideas for others to read or see, your product pages will struggle to stand out in the richness of the world wide web.

You'll need to include social proof in your products—evidence that average people outside your company love it as well.

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User-generated content (UGC) on your product pages is one of the most powerful social proof methods, and it'll almost certainly boost your conversion rates.

Customers may shop with confidence because they can see that individuals like them have purchased, utilized, and enjoyed the goods.

They don't have to take your word for it anymore, and visual reviews allow them to see exactly what they'll get. Your conversion rates will rise when your customers see visual reviews from other customers.

Tip #4 Follow up on consumer visual review requests

Customers are likely to submit evaluations weeks, if not months, after making a purchase.

Whether they bought in-store or online, your client's contact information is available in one centralized location with Shopify, rather than being spread across several platforms. So keep follow up with consumers until getting valuable visual reviews. If it is through WhatsApp, it will be easier.

Tip #5 Provide incentives in exchange for reviews

Customers might be enticed to post visual reviews by offering them incentives. It makes sense and is fair to thank your customers in this way—after all, writing a review takes time and effort, so receiving a reward for doing so is likely to contribute to their overall pleasant experience with your company.

To encourage buyers to publicly express visual reviews, you can give coupons or discount codes. Alternatively, have regular contests and giveaways and select a winner from a group of customers who left evaluations within a particular duration.

Final thoughts

Many in-store buyers conduct online research before making a purchase. So, no matter what channel they purchase on, having many user visual reviews can assist convert browsers into paying customers.

How have visual customer reviews aided in the growth of your Shopify store's sales? Would you please share your stories in the comments section below?