How to Create Perfect Video Reviews That Increase Sales on Your Shopify Store?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

Although the video review is viral, it is still one of the most underutilized eCommerce strategies. We've discussed the importance of product photo reviews, but great product photo reviews are now standard practice. If you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level and outperform your competitors, you can't afford to ignore the power of video reviews.

This post will show you how to use video reviews to boost conversions and grow your online business.

What exactly is a product review video?

A product review video appears on an e-commerce store's product page. It is usually included with the product rating and images, and it precisely explains the benefits of the product.

While most product review videos focus on the product's distinguishing features, some Shopify storefronts are upping the ante with product review videos that do more. To stay ahead of the competition, brands are experimenting with product review videos for various purposes ranging from assisting customers with product installation to showcasing user-generated content. And you should, too.

What is the significance of video reviews in eCommerce?

Here's a statistic that you might find interesting: Including video reviews on your website has increased conversions by approximately 80%.

However, video review collection can be complex, time-consuming, and challenging at scale for many retailers. 

Regardless of where you host your online store, here are three reasons why it's time to prioritize product video reviews in your eCommerce business.

SEO adores video reviews

Considering SEO, Optimizing your website for search engine discovery isn't always fun, but it should be a non-negotiable part of your marketing strategy. Including videos reviews on your website has boosted your ranking and traffic.

87% of video marketers report that video reviews have increased their website traffic. However, it has also been shown to significantly reduce your bounce rate, which is essential in securing that first-page ranking.

Video reviews sell better.

Not only can video reviews make your site look nicer, but it has also been shown time and again to meet customer needs and, as a result, drive more revenue. Marketers who use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than non-video users.

Video reviews lengthen the time spent on the site

Video reviews have been shown to increase time on site by an astounding 88%. That kind of tenacity can make all the difference in increasing product discovery and adoption.

How to Use Review Videos to Increase Sales?

Sharing testimonials on your website and distributing them through social media and streaming platforms are two common ways to make testimonials an integral part of your sales playbook.

Let's go over some of the most popular ways to use your brand-new, fantastic testimonials!

Post Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Your Website

On product landing pages or within e-commerce platforms, many brands use testimonials in conjunction with other video styles and reviews.

Indeed, e-commerce behemoths like Amazon combine reviews and video testimonials to create a compound form of social proof that is highly effective when closing a sale.

Make the most of your website's traffic by including testimonials on your landing pages to help your sales efforts.

Analyze your capture pages and decide whether your reviews or testimonials belong on your landing pages or in their sections; this varies depending on your type of products and niche; alternatively, you can run A/B tests to see what works the best result.

Make the Most of Streaming Platforms

Sharing your video on streaming platforms like YouTube virtually guarantees it will be viewed.

To get the most out of such sites, look for video testimonials from relevant brands and analyze and compare their content to yours.

There's a lot to be learned from how your most significant competitors use this type of video, and you can use it to improve your content and results. And, to ensure that your testimonials are natural and conversational, you must follow the insights and tips we've shared in this article!

Use Social Media to Your Benefit

Social media sites are teeming with content-hungry users, and testimonials contribute to the medium's social selling nature.

Customers on LinkedIn and Twitter look for and want to share valuable content with their followers and connections, so video testimonials that connect with prospects should be transferred there.

However, not every social network will be appropriate for the content you create. Therefore, it would help to exercise caution when sharing your testimonials on a specific social media site. Make sure you analyze your content, brand, audience, and industry first, and then research which social media sites are best for sharing your content. Testimonials can be very popular on social media if the conditions are right, but you don't want your audience to feel like forcing the content on them.

Wrapping it up

Despite its prevalence on the internet, video reviews are still a very underutilized component of most ecommerce businesses. However, given that almost everyone owns a capable smartphone with an HD camera and the abundance of free tools and video collection apps available, there is no excuse for not thinking about how video can be used for your business.

As the various examples in this post demonstrate, your video review strategy can vary significantly in cost and complexity. Finally, you must decide how video reviews can add value to your customers' experiences and how you will proceed.

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