How user generated content reviews help you convert more?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of reviewbit, a SaaS application that empowers e-commerce brands to collect product reviews using chat apps. With a deep understanding of the importance of reputation management in today's competitive e-commerce landscape, I am committed to helping businesses leverage customer feedback to build trust, attract new customers, and drive growth.

Consider how many times you've been on the approach of making a significant purchase. What factors did you consider before making your final decision? If reading online user generated content reviews was one of your activities, you are one of the 88% of buyers who use online reviews to make purchasing decisions.

It is assumed that the user generated content reviews will boost up the conversion by making your store more trustworthy.

User generated content reviews benefits

UGC reviews and social media platforms go together like peanut butter and jelly. When the strengths of each are blended, something spectacular happens.

user generated content reviews

Your audience will generate content that differs from what your marketing team produces. So make the most of this "outsider" perspective.

These photographs, videos, reviews, and more provide a unique perspective and point of view. As a result, UGC maintains a high level of interest in its content.

Why is user generated content reviews so critical?

For generations, we have been social beings who have learned from one another and shared our experiences. Yes, it may have begun with gestures to "talk" about the most fantastic restaurants and the best places to overnight in a tent, but nothing has changed.

user generated content reviews

So, your customer gets satisfaction with your product by getting UGC reviews. UGC reviews are a type of social proof that carries more weight than any other.

Three user generated content reviews examples that bring more value to your brand

1. UGC with 'Tick' mark and a "verified user" badge

user generated content reviews

2. Specific user generated content review outcomes motivate people to take action.

Although reading stories is pleasant, customer evaluations that go to the point might be much more so. Getting a detailed overview of the product might make more satisfaction in customers. Customer reviews that detail the outcomes give potential buyers an idea of what they'll get if they purchase.

3. In reviews, real photos help to express the experiences more accurately.

There's no better way to see how a product looks in real life than to see someone using it when purchasing online. Then, they can realize what the exact effect is and does it can fulfil their needs.

Review photos provide potential customers that true feeling, allowing them to decide whether or not they like a product and whether or not it will look good in their environment.

user generated content reviews


For the Shopify platform, there is an app that will help your store to get entirely trustworthy user generated content reviews. The review request sending and review collection is just done through WhatsApp using an automated chatbot. So there won't be any delay in getting reviews.

You only need to set messages according to your brand that should be sent and schedule the messages, like after fulfilment or after purchase, or after delivery.

Final thoughts

One of the most acceptable methods to promote business success is to let your consumers speak for your brand, and in today's highly competitive world, this cannot be ignored. The good thing is that you have complete control over UGC reviews.

Everything you do, from the initial contact with a consumer to the post-purchase experience, has an impact on how customers perceive your brand.

Employ the correct tools to ask for UGC reviews from your consumers, and then use the reviews as social proof to create trust and get feedback to improve your business. Putting your best foot forward is a terrific approach to raise conversion rates and expand your business.

Best of luck!

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