Shopify Loyalty Program Apps: The Ultimate Guide (with recent updates)

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Are you seeking for Shopify loyalty program apps that will help you develop your business? Then, you are reached at the right place. On Shopify, loyalty program applications are a marketing tactic that encourages people to shop at your store again and again.

In my experience, I retain most of the regular customers are with the help of these Shopify loyalty program.

Here you can find the importance of loyalty program that make your store loyal and trustworthy. First, you should make your store trustworthy, then only you can reach up to the goal as you estimated.


In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What are the benefits of installing loyalty program apps on Shopify?

  • How can loyalty program apps help mission-driven businesses on Shopify?

  • Can loyalty program apps be able to integrate with review generator apps?

  • Which are the 11 Best Reward Points Apps for Shopify?

  • Can Shopify loyalty program apps be able to boost up sales?


What are the benefits of installing loyalty program apps on Shopify?

There were lots of loyalty program apps available in the Shopify app store. All of those apps have unique benefits and features. Here I will try to mention the most common benefits which are I experienced personally for my store.

Installing Shopify loyalty programme apps has a numerous benefits for your store, including promoting repeat purchases by rewarding customers with points for on-site activities, which can be completed more rapidly with these loyalty program apps.

Gain new clients using the built-in refer-a-friend or referral mechanism, and review the emails sent to the referrer.

You can access customer insights and statistics from your loyalty program, as well as the loyalty tiers for your most loyal customers. With a widget or a fully integrated page, you can personalize to match your brand.

By rewarding points for social following, likes, subscriptions, and shares, you can simply expand your social audience. In addition, you can utilize points to promote positive customer reviews, ensuring that those customers remain loyal to your store.


How loyalty program apps can help mission-driven businesses on Shopify?

When a mission guides a Shopify store, it seeks to solve a specific problem while also providing you with a clear goal to work toward. It was built around a concept, and its mission statement outlines the need and the path to a solution and the success rate.

This is where third-party solutions, according to Shopify retailers like you, can really shine. When it comes to adding functionality and flare to the ecommerce experience you give, the Shopify App Store can be a true goldmine, allowing you to reach, serve, and please as many clients as possible.

As an ethical merchant, you obviously want to collaborate with reliable apps that share your beliefs and consistently deliver the outcomes you seek.


Can loyalty program apps be able to integrate with apps that generate reviews?

Yes, some Shopify loyalty program apps integrate with other review apps. Now there will be a doubt arising in your mind: What is the benefit of integration between a loyalty program app and a review generator app? I will clear that.

Do you ever read customer reviews before purchasing a product online? I always do the same thing to ensure that product is worthwhile and the best. That's because we're evaluating the product's credibility.

You are more likely to believe a service if it has recommendations and reviews from genuine people rather than paid advertisements. Surely, strongly recommended products with great reviews will get higher conversions.

Loyalty program apps

According to one research, the best reviews make the shopping easier for customers to choose high-quality products and make confident choices to purchase that with satisfaction, and 85 percent of buyers trust online reviews as much as a personal suggestion.

By motivating customers who provide product reviews with rewards and referrals, you're encouraging them to stay loyal to you at all times, and you're able to gain new customers through honest and true messages from actual people.

When you combine loyalty with reviews, you will get a very effective retention strategy for your store. So choose the best loyalty app that can integrate with other review generator app so that you can offer rewards for product reviews and thus you can retain those customers.


Which are the 7 Best Reward Point Apps for Shopify?

Here are the 11 best reward points apps listed according to my best experience with each of them. You can check the features of each app and choose one according to your store requirement. Listed below, apps can be used as free, and the listicle is done based on the best rating apps at topmost positions.


1. LOYALTY, REWARDS & REFERRALS (by Booster apps)

5.0 ratings (210 reviews)

You can offer rewards based on how many points a customer has earned to excite your customers. The app will build and display a loyalty program widget on your store to take care of everything for you.


2. Loyalty, Wishlist, Reviews UGC (by Growave)

4.9 ratings (1726 reviews)

This app will allow your brand to go popular by incentivizing consumers to share it and recommend a friend via social media and email. You can also use branded incentives and loyalty programs, and reviews to build strong customer relationships.


3. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty (by

4.7 ratings (3941 reviews)

By installing this app, you can reduce client acquisition expenses and increase retention by employing referrals, rewards, exclusive offers, and other techniques. Free plans with a lot of power are also available.


4. Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards (by Swell Rewards)

4.7 ratings (2201 reviews)

Using the free plan, you can start building your loyalty and referral programs right away. Purchase points, receive SMS notifications, and more. You can build a customized VIP Tiers loyalty program to increase client engagement, retention, and overall customer lifetime value. Also, you can create a referral marketing program that converts loyal consumers into brand ambassadors while also lowering your acquisition costs.


5. Loyalty, Rewards & Referrals (by S Loyalty)

4.5 ratings (734 reviews)

You can start rewarding your customers for purchases, referrals, and more by launching a stylishly customized loyalty program to make your rewards more attractive, and also, you can set up is simple and quick. Personalize features like "Welcome" and "Birthday" bonuses, as well as "Thank You" messages, to engage and excite customers.


6. Loyalty, Rewards and Referrals (by Loyalty Lion)

4.5 ratings (370 reviews)

Your store purchases, sign-ups, subscriptions, birthdays, reviews, referrals, social media likes, followers, and tags all earn loyalty points. You can create a fully customizable customer retention program to drive growth and start awarding points in minutes with no technical knowledge.



4.9 ratings (38 reviews)


Bloop Rewards & Referrals makes referring-a-friend never be this simple! With this app, store owners can build and launch a Shopify referral & loyalty program in less than 3 minutes, accelerating the power of word-of-mouth marketing and expanding lifetime value through rewards. As a top-tier Shopify loyalty app, Bloop assists in:


  • Auto-launch a code-free referral program

  • Set up reward rules as store owners wish

  • Encourage customers to share & get incentives

  • Auto-detect referrer emails at the checkout to prevent them from playing tricks

  • Smart tracking & analysis of referral program performance

  • Boost revenue and increase customers lifetime value

Even more, BSS Commerce is well-known for their top-notch customer service, serves you with 24/7 technical support and answers all of your questions whenever you need them. This app is exactly what you’re looking for!


Can Shopify loyalty program apps be able to boost up sales?

Yes, it is assured that sales increase as a result of loyalty programs. However, it is not as simple as implementing a loyalty program for your Shopify store and watching your sales skyrocket. If you are not expert to do so, you can refer to online guide on how to create a customer loyalty program with examples and strategies and build one for your brand.

To have a significant influence on sales, a loyalty program must be well-designed and implemented, and it will take a bit of time to impact its result on the sale.

Loyalty program apps

Instead of arguing that loyalty programs enhance sales, I  suggest that a loyalty program "may" improve sales when implementing the app properly. It's not as easy as setting up a loyalty program for your business and watching your profits rise.

You should regularly monitor its working and check whether the app brings a proper conversion as you estimated. If the result is the opposite, then you should troubleshoot the issue and fix them properly.


Wrapping up

The Shopify loyalty program apps can help you to retain your customers and by making these customers as influencers you can bring more consumers to your store.

However, You should properly implement the Shopify loyalty program apps on your store. Then you will get a assured result as you expected.

All the best wishes!