Reviewbit Product review vs. Yotpo

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Choosing the best review collection app can be a little bit difficult task and impact your Shopify store.

Have you been trying to decide between Reviewbit Product Reviews and Yotpo which product review app is best for you? Its a time taking procedure find the best and compare the difference by downloading each and familiarize with that.

Go through the guide and get a comparison of each app, as well as an explanation of why most brands favor Reviewbit services over Yotpo.

Features comparison in short

FeaturesReviewbitYotpoAffordable pricing✅❌All plans have unlimited review request✅❌You can collect free photo/video reviews✅❌Assures conversion rate of review collection above 30%✅❌Review widget with verification badge✅❌Review requests have higher open rate✅❌Able to push on social media platform❌✅Integration with✅❌Review request through SMS❌✅Able to send discount coupon✅✅


Reviewbit is clear on prices

Reviewbit's majority of the features of product review collection are provided as a free plan. There is a cost only for successfully send messages, which depends upon the destination country. Reviewbit also has a premium plan, but it is mentioned with extra features.

Product reviews

Reviewbit will not force you to change the plan, and they will not send any annoying notifications for the plan change.

Whatever your business scale is, and whatever the plan you had chosen, the reviewbit team always provides the proper support for your needs and will not annoy you even once to change the plan.

Not transparent Yotpo reviews pricing and plans

When it comes to Yotpo, a lack of clarity is a fundamental issue; their whole pricing structure isn't easily found or accessible.

Product reviews

Customers will need to request a demo and contact customer care when visiting their website.

They will provide you with an estimate based on the size of your company, which implies that cost might vary greatly between companies.

Most of the users saying that they are using the free version and Yotpo keeps putting up notices and suggestions to use the paid version. That makes them a bit annoying.

Reviewbit business model

Reviewbit's is a fully freemium app as well as its all most all functions are free. For a small scale business, this app will be a great experience to collect reviews.

Automated customer follows up and offers discount coupon are completely free. In an unlimited basic free plan, not only these but also you can show up to 50 reviews, ten exports per month and some integrations are also permitted.

Product reviews

You can get all features free and unlimited in the premium plan by paying a small amount per month. You can send automated review request, collect photo or video reviews, unlimited review listing, and you can Integrate with all other review apps. Finally, one stunning feature is that you can remove "reviewbit" branding and just show this as your own.


Yotpo business model

Yotpo is a free-to-use platform. But there is only limited accesses are only available in free plan. Other major drawback is that there premium plan starting amount is above $400.

There several issues faced by customers because of their business model such as, the website is running slowly.

It's difficult to combine UGC albums. You're having some trouble accessing their dashboard. It's not logical. You must refer to your notes at all times. Each screen has a lot of information, and you're having trouble figuring out where to click to go to where you are going.

And also difficult to merge many users. At first, the platform seemed perplexing and difficult to navigate. The help desk isn't very helpful, so you had to fix a lot of problems on your own.

Get Access to Important Features Without Having to Pay on Reviewbit

One of the spectacular feature of reviewbit is that you will experience the access in almost all tabs and functionalities. There will be only limitations in number of times of access. You can experience all extra ordinary features in basic plan itself.

Yotpo only grand access to limited functionalities in free plan. One customer said about their service is that, the tech assistance is poor. It took them almost a year to fix a minor issue with the way their widget displayed on one customer site. Their prices are insane. They increased it by a factor of ten! There was no notice, and existing clients were not grandfathered in.

Offer discount coupon to retain customers

You can easily retain your customer by offering a discount coupon code on next purchase when a customer send a photo review or video review of your recently delivered product. This will make them purchase again and again from your store.

Product reviews

Thus reviewbit helps you to apply the strategy "customer retention" within a few clicks. You can also get high traffic by making these customers as influencers.

It's time for the migration to reviewbit

Here is the time for you to get reviewbit. You can simply collect reviews within in a few steps and using those reviews build your store more trustworthy and social proof.

Product reviews

Final thoughts

Allowing your customers to speak for your brand is one of the best ways to encourage business success, and in today's highly competitive market, this cannot be overlooked. The good news is that user generated content reviews are completely within your control.

Go here to get the full tutorial of working of reviewbit.