Is Your Review Collection Strategy Appropriate For Your Shopify Business?

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Here is a proper review collection strategy for your Shopify store. Online merchants must select their review solution to ensure that they are not only collecting reviews. At the same time, make sure they are of high quality, can be used for marketing, and have all the functionality needed to increase conversion. Customer reviews are critical for eCommerce because 75% of people said they value reviews very much when making a buy. Those reviews help with social proof, brand trust, and, most , conversion.  If you want to make the most of your user-generated content, you should use a solution designed for Shopify and with Shopify brands in mind. Let's dive into it.

Your Online Store Must-Have Online Reviews

 Reviews on the internet can reveal a lot about your online store. Plenty of positive words can have a measurable impact on your sales. Also it driving purchases and building a customer base to support you and your product.  These key points outline the advantages of having online reviews for your online store. 

1. Increase sales

Social proof is a psychological phenomenon. The people base their decisions and judgments on the collective actions of others.  Reading positive reviews from others who have made similar purchases increases confidence. So that they feel like purchasing a well-reviewed item is a wise decision. People want proof from other consumers, not biased advertising from brands, that a product or service is worthwhile.  Reviews are trusted 12 times more than other marketing materials, demonstrating the power of social proof. 

2. Establish trust

In 2019, the global eCommerce market was worth $3.5 trillion. There are countless brands in every category, but it isn't easy to know who to trust without a way to verify quality and dependability. While handling a product is the best way to judge its quality, reviews can be the next best thing for eCommerce businesses.  Reading lots of reviews that say good quality,  builds a trustworthy online reputation

3.Assist customers in making decisions

When a customer buys something online, the decision-making process becomes more complicated.  As a result, most shoppers devote more time and effort to evaluating products, reading reviews, and comparing items before buy. Reviews are important in the decision-making process because they help customers to understand the product's material, size, and shape.  For example, a product may appear too small in a picture to meet consumer needs. But customer reviews that address size more accurately can put a skeptic at ease. 

Brands should take control of online reviews

Review Collection Strategy For Shopify

While brands must publish all reviews, including negative ones, they must also be able to control how and where they are displayed. eCommerce brands should be able to own their reviews and share them across multiple channels. It is critical to host reviews on your eCommerce site for SEO purposes. If your reviews are hosted elsewhere, they may not help you improve your Google ranking for critical business keywords. 

Visual user-generated content increases brand trust and conversion

Customers cannot touch, smell, or try on products when they shop online. They can visualize how the products look and function in real life by including photos and videos in their reviews.  Thus UGC on a brand's website convert at a 60% higher rate than those who do not. While most review solutions allow brands to collect customer photos and videos in reviews but do not fully utilize them, ecommerce brands must be able to collect and display visuals quickly and easily across multiple channels and critical touchpoints in the customer journey. The customer experience should be consistent Your customer reviews should be fully integrated into the look and feel of your site, with no prominent third-party branding. This integration should not necessitate hiring a developer. eCommerce reviews solutions are designed so that even small businesses with limited resources can quickly get up and run to scale their business. 

Reviewbit is designed for eCommerce businesses

The app provides an integrated reviews solution designed to help eCommerce businesses grow. Reviewbit WhatsApp Reviews provide brands with the tools they need to collect, display, and measure UGC to turn satisfied customers into brand enthusiasts.