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Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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Product reviews play an important role in the marketing and branding of an online store.

A buyer will learn a lot about your product before even reading the description if they look at the product rating. Product ratings help build trust, increase loyalty, and describe what distinguishes your products from the competition. Choosing the best product review app for your store can change how your company grows.

A quick comparison of features

FeaturesReviewbitStamped.ioAffordable pricing✅❌All plans have an unlimited review request✅❌You can collect free photo/video reviews✅❌Assures conversion rate of review collection above 30%✅❌Review widget with verification badge✅❌Review requests have a higher open rate✅❌Instant access to all features with✅❌Integration with✅❌Review request through SMS❌✅Create Facebook & Instagram ads with reviews❌✅


Reviewbit's product reviews pricing is straightforward and reasonable 

The vast majority of Reviewbit's product review collection services are free. When messages are successfully delivered, they are subject to a fee that varies depending on the destination country. Reviewbit also has a premium plan. It is, however, mentioned with additional benefits.

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Another significant disadvantage of is the short and very limited free trial period.

Customers also reported that they were constantly bombarded with pop-up messages attempting to persuade them to purchase the paid plan during the promotion.

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You can gain access to essential features on Reviewbit without paying

The ease of access to virtually all tabs and functionalities is one of reviewbit's most impressive features. There will be no limitations on how many times you can access the site. The base package includes all of the extraordinary features. some features are concealed, on the other hand, hides the majority of the essential features behind subscription tiers that cost extra. Video Reviews, Automation, and Advanced Reporting are examples of must-haves. requires you to purchase their Business plan before you can begin using video reviews, and if you want to use A.I.-powered review analysis, you must purchase their top-tier plan.

Meanwhile, reviewbit does not limit their clients' options and allows them to use essentials like video reviews!

Wrapping it up

Allowing your customers to speak for your brand is one of the most acceptable ways to support business success, and the importance of this cannot be overstated in today's highly competitive industry. The good news is that you have complete control over reviews of user-generated content.

Best of luck!