Best Apps to upload photo/video reviews on Shopify in 2022

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Ecommerce is a growing industry home to some of the world's most successful companies. One of the most significant online retail platforms today, Shopify is at the heart of this profitable business. More than 1.7 million retailers trust the platform, receiving 1.10 billion monthly visitors. Why is the platform so well-liked? The mere availability of third-party software has aided in the website's popularity among retailers. To put this in context, the Shopify app store has over 6000 apps that allow you to design your online store completely.

The Shopify app store includes a variety of app categories to help you find the software you're looking for. Product reviews, which are the subject of this article, are one of these categories. Shopify Review Apps are, to put it simply, solutions that allow you to collect customer feedback for your products.

This post will teach you about Shopify Review Apps and how to use them to upload photos or videos for reviews on your Shopify store successfully.

Shopify Review Apps are necessary for your store

Apps for product reviews may appear to be a low-cost option. They are, nevertheless, the most crucial instruments for turning a website visitor into a paying customer when viewed through the eyes of a customer. A customer's decision to trust or not trust your firm can be made in a matter of minutes. Product reviews are successful in converting customers and increasing revenue.

It's never a good idea to just sit back and wait for a customer to evaluate a product. You'll need a way to get this data from your clients and provide it to potential buyers. This is where Shopify's product review apps come in.

Why does your eCommerce business require a product review platform?

  • Conversion rates can be improved.

  • Boost your sales.

  • Create a sense of trust among all website visitors.

  • Demonstrate that your company is credible and legitimate.

  • Improve your customer's connection and relationship with you.

Product reviews may help your eCommerce company and brand in various ways.

Adding product reviews to your store and product pages will increase sales since visitors will see that other people have bought and enjoyed your products, making them want to buy them as well.

They also build customer trust by allowing them to see real-life reviews and photographs that validate your brand.

What is the best way to receive product reviews on Shopify?

Waiting for your consumers to take the initiative and write a review for your product may not be the most effective strategy to develop social proof.

A quality product review software is a must-have in your inventory if you want to enhance your online store sales. These programs automatically send out review requests to your consumers, making the entire review collection process quick and straightforward. Discover the finest Shopify reviews apps on the market by scrolling down.


This is a WhatsApp-based review collection app with an automated chatbot. After collecting all the reviews, you can easily develop a widget that includes them and displays them on the product page. This is the finest app for creating true social evidence.

The best aspect about Reviewbit is that all of the features for creating social proof can be done quickly and easily in the app without any technical experience.

Rivyo Product Reviews & QA

Shopify merchants can display their product reviews with the help of Rivyo Product Reviews & QA. You can sort the reviews you have according to various criteria in the app's dashboard and decide which ones will be displayed on your website and how.

With the help of this app, you can collect reviews in addition to producing attractive widgets for reviews or perhaps a separate page with customer feedback. Create a customized email template and automated emails to be sent to consumers who buy specific products.


The most excellent part about this app is that you can customize any social proof content to fit your store's identity and utilize A/B testing to learn from your consumers' actions and expectations. Fera Social Proof is an excellent option for Shopify stores looking for enterprise-level proving without coding. collects and displays star ratings and reviews for your Shopify store and products. Photographic and video critiques are completely free! Reviews and other forms of user-generated content, such as photos and videos, provide social proof, which increases your conversion rate, organic traffic, and buyer engagement.


Loox is a full-featured product review app that allows businesses of all kinds to collect client reviews with photographs and videos and display them stylishly. Loox uses innovative and customizable review request emails to collect genuine product reviews. With photo and video review incentives and referral discounts, encourage word of mouth and repeat purchases.


Thousands of forward-thinking firms, including Rebecca Minkoff, MVMT, and Steve Madden, use Yotpo to collect reviews, ratings, photos, and videos from customers and convert them into sales. With over 500 employees and 100 support agents, Yotpo is the top eCommerce marketing platform.

Final thoughts

Social proofs such as photo/video reviews will increase your store's loyalty and trustworthiness, giving clients more confidence and satisfaction when they shop at your Shopify store.

Show your reviews on the Google search page by using Search Pie to show aggregated rating snippets. This one motivates your SEO ranking, drives more traffic, and converts more sales.

Go ahead and pick one app, develop actual social proof, and turn your store into a dedicated customer base; good luck!