How WhatsApp Marketing Brings Brands and Customers Closer Together on Shopify?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

What comes to mind first when you consider various marketing channels for communicating and engaging with your ideal customers?

Facebook, with 2.167 billion active users, is the most likely candidate. Then what about Instagram, which has 800 million active users? Consider Twitter, 330 million active users, and LinkedIn, 310 million active users. You're probably also doing some marketing on there.

But what if we told you there's another text-based platform out there with more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined? And we're pretty sure you're not on there yet.

It's known as WhatsApp.

Right now is the time to start taking action, building a massive following, and engaging with your true fans before all marketers around the world realize they are missing out on this massive opportunity and ruin it for everyone.


What exactly is WhatsApp marketing? How does it help businesses?

Marketing is the activity of promoting a company's products and services. Depending on the nature of the business, it can be done in various ways.

WhatsApp marketing is a channel for communicating with customers or targeted audiences. WhatsApp marketing panel includes a multi-media feature and allows messages to be sent in multiple languages.

People are more active on WhatsApp these days, so receiving information via WhatsApp makes it easier for customers to communicate, which aids in lead generation.


WhatsApp marketing is beneficial because:

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Make people aware of upcoming products, new launches, and so on.

  • Make people aware of special offers, discounts, and seasonal sales.

  • You can send videos, images, and other files.

  • A message of up to 2000 characters can be written.


How is WhatsApp marketing carried out?

WhatsApp marketing is best done through the WhatsApp Business account, which has many potential customers due to the popularity of WhatsApp.

Businesses could also target prospects on another platform and encourage them to download WhatsApp. If a company wants to promote its product or service on other social media platforms, it should use the 'share' button and see if its ad appears in your newsfeed.

This allows you to spend your money wisely by advertising only to those already following or interested.

WhatsApp enables marketers to easily reach 87 percent of the world's internet population and their users wherever they happen to be—including offline. And, because WhatsApp messages don't take up any space on your device or in your inbox, you save precious gigabytes of storage space as well.

WhatsApp relies on various marketing strategies; the most notable is completely free for all non-commercial uses. The costs of running the app are entirely covered by brand advertisements and promotions, much like Facebook.

You can also gain more followers by forming personal groups with friends and family members and establishing your network. This is one of the reasons why international brands like Nike, Diageo, and even Redbull use this platform to communicate directly with their customers.

With the implementation of WhatsApp guidelines in a little more than a month, any company can advertise their products or services on this app.


Here are the ways to bring brands and customers closer

Providing customer service

It can be difficult to provide an entire customer support desk for your customers when you are a small business or startup. Even small businesses with limited resources can afford to respond quickly to questions posed by their customers by using WA Business.

The app also supports a wide range of media, which is a plus. This means that, in addition to text, you can use audio, video, and possibly even a quick phone call to provide excellent customer support.

Collect customer reviews

Using WA Business can be a low-cost and quick way to conduct research and gather customer feedback.

You're not sure what flavors to put in your store. Request that your customer chooses between various options.

Do you want to know which feature of your startup you should focus on next? Inquire with your customers.

Instead of having to call each customer or send a WhatsApp message hoping that they will read it, you can create questions within your various segmented groups. Customer participation is an excellent way to obtain relevant answers for your business. Using WA Business allows you to conduct marketing research quickly and efficiently, and best of all, it is completely free!

You can make changes to your offering and set up promotions for specific products based on your feedback from these chats.

Sending reminders

You can use it to send reminders and keep your customers updated on the status of their orders.

Millennials and even Generation Y people have grown accustomed to checking WhatsApp daily, much like (or perhaps much less than) a newspaper.

That is, if they have a policy that needs to be renewed or a flight that needs to be boarded the next day, you can send them a message reminding them. This also reduces the possibility of them missing an important deadline.


Wrapping it up

That isn't all.

Because of its instantaneous and conversational nature, WhatsApp can be used in a variety of ways to nurture your subscribers and keep your current customers engaged.

In times of fierce competition, you must ensure that your brand remains at the forefront of consumers' minds. With internet users seeing an average of 5000 ads per day, you don't want them to leave because they don't remember you or can't remember what they bought from you.

WhatsApp is an excellent tool for reaching out to your target audience, connecting with them, promoting your brand and product and service, and communicating with them in real-time. Furthermore, it is inexpensive, and you can get started quickly, so what are you waiting for? Give it a shot, and you'll find yourself engaging with your customers and leads in entirely new ways.

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