How Video Marketing Can Help Shopify Stores Increase Sales?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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One of the most underutilized marketing strategies is video when successfully selling items online. When browsing a Shopify online store, viewers want more than just a couple of product images to sell them on an item. So, what better way to entice an online shopper than with a video walkthrough of the product and its unique features?

To connect with potential customers, online stores should use the power of product demo videos and review videos.

Let us walk you through some simple tips for how product video marketing can benefit your Shopify storefront.

How can producing videos for marketing help your company?

A demo video grabs the viewer's attention without realizing it could be a sales pitch. Product videos can also highlight a specific feature or focus on resolving a problem that customers may encounter. Product videos and demos drive traffic back to your Shopify storefront, which means more potential customers and a possible increase in sales.

Why should you incorporate product videos into your e-commerce pages in 2022?

Video has been shown to impact all stages of the customer journey positively. YouTube video results are now included in search engine results. You can help your brand rank higher on Google by including eCommerce product videos.

Your eCommerce product videos will also assist you in better attracting and nurturing interested customers. Because visual content is easier to digest, it is preferred by internet users over text content.

Customers from all over the world will be able to make secure payments for your products due to this. E-commerce businesses require a safe and secure payment processing service to avoid credit card fraud. With technology like this, your company should be able to increase sales. Of course, if you increase your sales, you must ensure that all of your accounts are in order. Getting assistance from an ecommerce accounting firm can be highly beneficial in situations like this.

Let's look at the different types of eCommerce product videos you can make, best practices, and how to make the most of this visual content piece.

How do you create product videos for Shopify to increase sales?

Customers browsing your Shopify online store will almost certainly watch product videos before adding an item to their cart. They are more likely to buy if they are impressed with the video marketing because they have seen the product in "real" life. Let us delve deeper into some recommendations for the same.

  1. Product demonstration videos

Anyone can create product review-style promotional videos! Whether you're a first-time user or a devoted customer, your feedback is valuable. Public reviews can significantly impact Shopify sales, so if you love a product and highly recommend it, make sure to tell the brand. Positive or even critical feedback is welcomed.

Make sure to capture the entire experience when making a product review video. Begin by filming yourself unboxing the product. In general, reviewers show the product from every angle, demonstrate how to use it, and reveal the company's name from which it was purchased.

  1. Product videos in stop-motion animation

Stop-motion animation brings inanimate objects to life by moving them in small increments, one frame or still photograph at a time. The images are spliced together at high speed to create the illusion of motion. Don't worry about using a high-end professional camera; your smartphone will suffice!

You have to devise a creative video marketing strategy based on stop-motion animation, take photos, and edit them.

  1. How-to videos and product demonstration videos

How-to videos and product demonstration videos will be valuable additions to your Shopify storefront. They are more of a short tutorial-style video that provides potential customers with all the information they need to know before purchasing the product. As they create a personality for your brand, how-to videos foster a high trust and credibility between viewers and your company.

90% of Shopify sales come from viewers who have watched the how-to video, which is highly beneficial in the decision-making process. When their item arrives, few customers read the instruction manual. Instead, create video tutorial that customers can watch on your Shopify online store! Include captions or subtitles so that customers can read them.

To sum up

Social commerce has been popular for several years, but selling via video is relatively new. You should give it a shot, especially given the current popularity of social media and video content. Get the best tool to collect videos from your customers, which means UGC strategy that definitely works for your store’s video marketing.