Effective Ways to Make Popups Work For Your eCommerce Sales

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

How do potential customers find your eCommerce store? If you are lucky enough to be ranking at the topmost of the Google search, then you are getting around 36.4% of search traffic with SEO for eCommerce businesses. Nevertheless, whether or not you are in the top spot on Google, it is crucial not to forget that typical online readers merely spend 15 seconds on a certain page. 

From the moment potential consumers land on your online store, they need a reason to stay there. Attention spans are getting shorter, and competition is getting tougher. Attracting consumers to your store is just the initial step. If you can’t capitalize, your traffic just won’t convert. Thankfully, popups are still flourishing. And, who can do it better than Tada? Tada’s gamified and full-screen pop-ups in your eCommerce store can turn your game around, increasing sales and lowering cart abandonments! Its engaging popups allow you to collect more email addresses and capture more customers! 

Here is how you can use them to drive engagement and increase your direct sales more significantly.

Deliver Exit-Intent Coupons to Avoid Bounces

Exit-intent overlays are defined as: 

Before your visitors leave your site, an overlay pops up in the same window with a message, offer, or prompt. Note that your popups don’t always need to have the intent to sell. 

According to multiple studies, popups still work. Very well. Contrary to popular belief about popups, they do increase conversion rates drastically.

  • The top-performing popups yield a nearly 10% conversion rate on average. 

  • The average conversion rate for popups is 3.09%, higher than the best PPC conversion rates. 

If you can develop effective offers targeted to the correct audience at the correct time, you can produce high conversion rates. The greatest part is you don’t even have to spend any money to do it.

The key here is accuracy. Is your customer cruising a category page for men’s basketball shoes? If so, style your exit-intent very specifically and target the discount directly on the products they are browsing. Use a lead magnet to propose a coupon for 20% off on those hot products, and make sure to back that with your email marketing software. One strategy that has been converting well for eCommerce stores is using an interactive signup form.

If you are looking for a generalized campaign, make sure your discount is fascinating enough for them to utilize. Make it easy and simple. Instead of trying to persuade them to provide an email address, have them activate a coupon for nothing in return. This can help you improve your eCommerce conversions.

Have Pre-Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are famous days for online deals. In truth, over 174 million Americans shop online these days. And the average person expends $335 during this period, too.

This is fantastic news for online retailers, isn’t it? Yes, but also, no. While consumer buying is at a record high during this period, competition is also brutal. Every store you know is running deals on these days. And while you need to, too, you can do more to ensure that you are doubling your eCommerce sales. How? By introducing promotions before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While most online stores are giving deals only these two days, you can take advantage of discount fever by offering coupons in advance. Here is a game plan you can use with eCommerce clients to increase online sales: 

Start your deals at the commencement of November

  • 20% off on orders over $50

  • 30% off on orders over $100

  • 35-40% off on Black Friday

In addition to static banners, test out popups and exit-intent to capture more sales.

Create Urgency With Limited-Time Offers


When users visit your online store, what are you doing to increase sales? Customers can surf all they want, but browsing does not put money in your pocket. Browsing does not help your direct sales and bottom line. Instead of inertly waiting for them to convert, you have to take action. How do you do this? By driving urgency. Something that every eCommerce sales platform like Amazon has perfected in the last few years:

In simple words, there is a reason why Amazon has about 100 million Amazon Prime members. Customers need their goods, and they want them now! Like, you want your product faster? You have to order it now. 

Take the following offers to use on your popups ads to create this effect: 

  • Free shipping if you are buying in the next 10 minutes. 

  • $10 off your order for the next 5 hours

  • Order within the next 3 hours to get a 20% off

Keep the offers on a tight schedule. Anything over 12 hours is too long, creating less urgency. The real goal is to create the fear of missing out (FOMO). By adding a time limit on your offer, users feel that they are missing out on a deal if they don’t take advantage of it. This can help you decrease your cart abandonment and drive more sales from the traffic you are already getting.

Offer Free Shipping For the First 50 Sales

One of the best tactics in eCommerce sales is proposing a big deal for a limited number of customers. One of the best ones is, offering free shipping for the first 50 sales of the day. Free shipping is a huge winner right now. Data shows that 93% of consumers would more likely buy from you if you offered free shipping.

Free shipping can convert your sales. But, the only problem is free shipping eats away at your bottom line. For example, shipping a luxury gold necklace is cheaper than shipping a television. To make up for this, if you aren’t already offering free shipping on items, only offer them to the initial 50 customers in a given week, month, or day, depending on the scale of your present store. The more traffic and sales you currently have, the shorter the timeframe you can use. Consider running this promotion at least once or twice a month (or year) to generate hype and interest.

Run Mobile-Specific Banners

Customers want your online store to be mobile-optimized. Presently, most of the traffic online is mobile. And according to research, 61% of mobile online store visitors leave your store immediately if they have a poor experience. Therefore, making your eCommerce store design responsive and optimized is critical. So, popups on mobile should generally be avoided, as they take up too much real estate on the screen and can hamper the browsing and buying journey. 

Instead, you ought to run mobile-specific banners that don’t take up the whole screen. To communicate value, banners on the top of your online store are your best bet.

Wrapping It Up

E-commerce is competitive than ever, and attention spans are lesser than ever. Getting steady traffic to your online store is difficult enough, let alone getting those visitors to purchase your products. Using banners and popups, you can communicate deals effectively and keep their attention. 

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