How exactly will customer reviews help your eCommerce platform?

How exactly will customer reviews help your eCommerce platform?

customer reviews
customer reviews
customer reviews

Revenue from eCommerce websites and customer reviews are connected more closely than you can imagine. Reviews have the power to make or ruin a company, but most of the time, they contribute to success. In actuality, showing evaluations can boost conversion rates by 270%. This is a result of consumers’ lack of faith in conventional advertising. They no longer trust the advertisements on the side of the road and instead rely on those who have really used the good or service. 

Customer reviews are the newest form of social advertising. Customers that write positive feedback are loyal, and companies that gain many positive ratings tend to beat their rivals in revenue growth. According to Statista, 36% of global internet users aged 25 to 34 years use online reviews for brand and product research. You can develop a strategy to gain more customer reviews by understanding how your company will profit from them.

Benefits of Reviews

Here are some benefits of collecting reviews for your ecommerce store:

Increase Credibility

Another advantage of reviews is that they may be used to present a favorable image of the company. People are used to buying goods from well-known eCommerce giants like Amazon. Their confidence may be shaky if they’re on another site. Will the product be delivered quickly and safely? What if I have to send it back? Customers need to know that other customers have had excellent experiences while they are in a new environment. Customers will check product and company reviews to ensure everything is in order, as they trust online reviews.

Reviews of products serve as social proof from other buyers

Although there are many other reasons why people share, ratings validate their urge to do so. It enables consumers to inform others that 2,000 other people also thought highly of the product in addition to them.

Consumers are more at ease when shopping with social proof. Customer reviews are included in the category of crowd-sourced social evidence, which is one of the most popular types of social proof. Additionally, the bandwagon effort is comparable to social proof. A product is more likely to be bought by others if everyone who uses it is raving about it, as is evidenced by word-of-mouth advertising.

Boost Traffic Through SEO

If you own an online store or work for a business that sells goods and services online, you need to concentrate on SEO. Making the store more visible on search engines like Google attracts more customers. You can increase traffic and purchases by competing for search terms pertinent to your store. How does SEO relate to online reviews? Customer reviews “positively impact your SEO since more reviews Equal more content, and frequent reviews Mean fresh content, which Google loves to see,” experienced marketer Neil Patel wrote in his guide to SEO for e-commerce websites. Additionally, using a JavaScript framework like React to build your online store can also improve its SEO by making the site more easily crawlable and indexable by search engines

Build A Lasting Relationship With Customers

Online reviews can reveal what aspects of your business people like, but they can also reveal areas where your service could be improved. This will enable you to offer your customers a better product and address any problems they may be experiencing faster. You will have the chance to establish a close relationship with your clients through online review sites. 

You can acquire feedback from a range of customers through these forums, many of whom you might have yet to speak with. You may increase the likelihood that these consumers will make additional purchases from you by maintaining contact with them. When a consumer has an issue, responding quickly will provide them with a good experience and probably lead to them returning to you in the future.

Using Customer Reviews In Ecommerce

customer reviews

We can now discuss how you should use customer reviews now that you know why they are important. There is no secret to using reviews to your advantage on your eCommerce site. It is recommended to try a combination of these strategies. If something needs to be fixed, go back to the drawing board and consider adding a new approach.

Video Reviews: Convert Feedback Into Client Advertisements

Ask reviewers if they would be prepared to contribute a video review to increase consumer loyalty. Video reviews tackle the problem of fraudulent reviews by allowing viewers to see the person behind the screen. When feasible, convert written client testimonials into video testimonials and showcase them on your eCommerce website’s landing page.

Use Social Media To Post Reviews

Show off your stellar reviews once you’ve gathered them! To start, find out from your legal department whether using customer testimonials is permitted. Asking permission before sharing evaluations is preferable to asking for forgiveness in the future.

Create visually beautiful testimonials and post them on your social network once you have permission. This will encourage some fans to become brand enthusiasts and, ideally, attract some new followers who were unaware of your e-commerce store before.

Address Any Bad Feedback: Respond To Your Critics

When faced with a negative review, businesses become heated, but they will be more successful if they can turn it into an opportunity rather than a threat. Respond to negative comments from customers to make amends. There may be some customers who have faced the same thing. Your product has to be fixed so that this doesn’t happen again, or the consumer needs to use it properly, and you now have the chance to assist them. Even though they seem personal, you should always respond to bad feedback.

Embed Badges Into Reviews To Increase Trust

Incorporating badges for positive reviews can help to increase trust and credibility with potential customers. Additionally, using a modern JavaScript framework like ReactJS for eCommerce frontend can improve the user experience and make it easier for customers to leave reviews, which can ultimately lead to more positive feedback for your store.

How To Get Reviews From Customers

The obvious mistake eCommerce firms make is that they think customers would leave reviews of their free will. The truth is that they will only submit reviews in extreme situations—either thrilled or furious.

It is also absurd to believe that asking for feedback will annoy or upset customers. You should have a high response rate if the product is fantastic and the customers are satisfied. So that’s the first step: follow up and request a review.

Make Everything Readily Available And Simple

Check the steps required for review submission. Limiting access to registered users is a simple approach to accomplish this. Be careful not to make more than one or two fields necessary for review submission.

Use WhatsApp

Reviewbit WhatsApp reviews will allow you to collect reviews and add them to your website. It can handle all of your requirements, including review collection, coupon code generation, and customer reminders. The app automatically sends review requests to your customers after they make a purchase or after the order has been fulfilled/delivered. If the customer ignores the first request, it may even send a reminder message via WhatsApp.

Request feedback and reply to them on social media

Your target audience might need to be more habituated to seeing a tweet or Facebook post promoting a deal they can get for writing a review. Change things up a bit. In addition to email, use social media to request reviews. Additionally, you must respond to critiques of your business. For instance, on Facebook, thanking customers or resolving complaints about online companies can show how well your business treats its customers. The way you appreciate customers and work to make things right reflect your brand’s personality.

Wrapping up

In the eCommerce world, customer reviews serve as word of mouth marketing and are a powerful sales tool. They are easy to obtain and integrate onto your site and can have a significant impact on your online presence and success. Working with a reputable reactjs development company can further optimize your site and help you make the most of customer reviews.

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