How to Collect More Photo Reviews with reviewbit on Shopify?

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

Nafih C

Nafih C

I am the Co-Founder and CEO of reviewbit, a SaaS application that empowers e-commerce brands to collect product reviews using chat apps. With a deep understanding of the importance of reputation management in today's competitive e-commerce landscape, I am committed to helping businesses leverage customer feedback to build trust, attract new customers, and drive growth.

Visual representations have become an important part of today's customers' lives, affecting the way they shop. According to research, nearly 97 percent of customers look for visual content before making a purchase.

While brand-provided photos and videos might help meet a consumer's desire for visual information, customers are increasingly looking for content created by similar people. In addition, customer photos and videos fill in product gaps that a brand may have ignored or been unable to highlight in a textual description or specification overview properly.

What can you do to start gathering more of the conversion-boosting photos and videos that your clients are looking for? Continue reading to discover the methods to begin collecting more visual content from your customers now with reviewbit.

Increase your sales conversion rate from 5% to 30%

Collect instant Customer Reviews on WhatsApp - the platform your customers always prefer. Because:

  • 1.5 billion users worldwide: With such a large user base, your Shopify store has a lot of possibilities to reach consumers on WhatsApp, their preferred messaging app.

  • 1 billion daily active users: Around 70% of users use WhatsApp on a daily basis to send and receive messages and calls.

  • Highest market share: WhatsApp is popular in 180 countries and has a market share of over 40%, making it the undisputed leader of messaging apps.

  • Every day, 60 billion messages are sent: WhatsApp is used extensively by people to communicate with their friends and family.

  • Customers who have opted into WhatsApp notifications have a 50% higher retention rate than those who have opted out.

Email reviews v/s WhatsApp reviews

Most of the emails we received in our daily life are irrelevant and unwanted promotions. So obviously we felt hassle and will keep those emails unread. But in the case of WhatsApp, we will always keep our eyes to find new messages and updates.

WhatsApp has a 95 percent open/read rate, which is the top channel in terms of performance and perfect for generating the best ROI, however, email has a less than 60 percent open/read rate.

Retention rate increased by 50%: Those who have opted into WhatsApp review requests have a higher customer retention percentage than those who have opted for email review requests.

Three times the action rate: When compared to email, your WhatsApp review request has a higher action rate.

How does the app works?

You just download the app from the Shopify app store. Its installation is completely free no initial purchases are required. Once you installed the app, then you will land on the following page.

collect photo reviews

All options given are customizable according to your Shopify product requirement.

Next, you will be able to move on to the "Reviews" page.

collect photo reviews

On this page, you are able to see the received reviews and ratings in words and other Photos or videos.

The next page is the major part of this app. "Review request ".

collect photo reviews

Once your customer's order gets fulfilled, you have to schedule the time of the review request message and also you will be able to know the status of the corresponding messages.

You are also able to integrate with other review apps. So, that the review can be published automatically. No more manual efforts are required to import and export.

collect photo reviews


Key features

  • Collect reviews on autopilot: Ask your customers for reviews with photos with automatic review requests via WhatsApp.

  • Display reviews & boost conversions: Convert visitors into buyers with stunning review galleries that showcase your happy customers. Review requests keep your brand, at the top of the mind for customers, encouraging repeat purchases.

  • Improve retention: Encourage happy customers to buy from you again with discount offers.

  • Collect Video or Photo Reviews: Ask your customers for reviews with photos or video with automatic review requests via WhatsApp.

  • Connect with your customers: Build strong relationships and create outstanding customer experiences.

  • Built for Shopify: Reviewbit review widget integrates seamlessly into your store, work with all major Shopify reviews app like Loox,, Stamped and all.

Switch your current review collection mode to WhatsApp Photo Review chatbot

This will definitely help you to reach out to customers for reviews without being too intrusive. This app really helps you get reviews fast as everyone uses WhatsApp so the customer doesn't have to open anything extra.

If you are worried about just missed out on this for your past customers, don't worry you are able to send review requests to past customers up to 3 months back, to head-start the review generation.

Encourage your customers to leave a photo review with automated Message requests and follow-up messages, sent just at the right time.

Experience this awesome WhatsApp review collection app and make your review collection procedure easier without any effort and also a time saver.

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