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Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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To succeed in e-commerce, you need a targeted marketing plan, no matter how unique or appealing your product is. Because the online purchasing market is flooded with new and interesting products, the only way to succeed is to stand out.

As a business owner, or to become a successful franchise business owner one of your main priorities should be developing a marketing strategy that allows you to outperform the competition in your field.. Examine this article and get an e-commerce marketing strategy to see how implementing it will help you boost site traffic and product sales.


Why Can't You Increase Your eCommerce Sales?

Let's go over the list and see what's preventing you from selling more of your products and services online.

You haven't set up your sales funnel properly

Another factor that may be affecting your ecommerce sales is that you have not properly set up your sales funnel. The majority of visitors to your website are unable to locate the things they seek.

The following is a representation of the average user journey:

  • A visitor notices an advertisement or conducts a product search.

  • Visits the website to look for relevant products.

  • Looks up the product on the website and then compares prices.

  • Likes the product and decides to buy it.

If the visitor cannot find the product on the page, they will not proceed. Instead, the visitor is more likely to click the 'back button and visit another website, resulting in a higher bounce rate and lower ranking.

You're going after the wrong people

One of the most common reasons your store isn't making good ecommerce sales is because you're probably targeting the wrong market. It's critical to understand how to promote a product and to whom you should market it.

It's possible that folks aren't interested in your products or aren't in your target demographic. When promoting your items, you must keep all of these elements in mind.

Buyers Don't Trust Your Online store

Customers will not buy from you if they do not trust your website. It's the reality. Investigate the source of the lack of confidence. To handle the issue of trust, you must examine the following:

  • The installation of an SSL certificate on your website. SSL certificates ensure that transactions on your website are secure while SSL monitoring checks for their validity.

  • Getting your customers to promote you on social media in a positive light. They might mention you or leave a positive review of your store on review rating sites.

  • To ensure that you respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible. Negative feedback about your online store will be reduced as a result.

  • Your prices are unreasonably excessive.

The majority of store owners have trouble finding a product review tool. People will only buy from websites that display reviews on product pages, which is an issue. People will not buy from an online store that sells a product with no reviews.

There are a variety of review applications available that collect customer feedback on products. Customers conduct extensive research before purchasing any product. Make certain that all of the reviews you've gathered are reliable.

Also, wherever possible, offer discounts when a consumer writes a review on your store; this will help you improve store sales while also retaining those customers.


What's the secret to a 60 percent increase in 24 hours?

This was for an ecommerce store selling health and beauty products. The revenue on the 6th of October was $1,93,136. On the 7th of October, it surged to $3,09,042. In just 24 hours, you've increased your revenue by 60%! What do you believe the rationale will be?

Ads on Facebook? Advertisements on YouTube? Google Ads?

They also get traffic from these platforms, but they've recently added another growth propeller to the mix. Can you make a guess? It has an eight-letter name...In 2014, BIG F bought it for $19.3 billion. It was founded by two former Yahoo! employees.

Any guesses on what it is? It's WhatsApp, our personal favorite texting app!

Do you know any interesting facts? Customers' online reviews have sparked a new field of marketing and communication that straddles the line between traditional word-of-mouth and viral feedback that can impact consumer opinion.

As a result, a review request tool in today's Shopify ecosystem is a must-have for a high conversion rate and customer trustworthiness. Here's a great Shopify app that will meet all of your review-gathering needs.

Are you looking for a review request solution that allows you to collect reviews rapidly and without wasting time? You've arrived to the correct location. There will be no more tedious paperwork or e-mails that end up in junk drawers. Judge.me, Loox, Stamped, and other Shopify Store Review Apps work well with this app. Multiple world languages are supported.

What Shopify apps do individuals think are the best for increasing online sales


Here's a list of plugins I've used to provide a positive return on investment. I've included the exact amount I received in order for you to understand how much you may expect to receive from them as well. It's worth noting that the amount of traffic will clearly influence this. Simply download them from the Shopify app store and install them on your own site.

Conversio: Email retargeting is what it's called. It'll set you back $20 every month. In exchange, I received $1300.66 ($881.07 in USD). So far, I've paid $180 for the membership and received $881.07 in revenue, netting me $701 in profit. Klaviyo is an alternative.

Limespot's Personalizer: AI Recommendations An extremely simple set-up software that generates incredible revenue per product view ($3.91 per page visit vs $0.86 without). Overall, the conversion rate is 10.32%, compared to 2.433% without it.

SMSBump: This SMS retargeting tool sends clients an SMS once they add a product to their cart or complete a specific action on your website. It doesn't cost too much for me — I invested $25.11 and received $152.76. Technically, the return on investment is 608.36 percent, which seems incredible, but it's just for a few purchases.

Reviewbit's WhatsApp review request tool: Reviewbit helps e-Commerce merchants to offer post-purchase customer engagements using social messaging platforms like WhatsApp. Sending an automated review request through instant messaging platforms that helps merchants to collect reviews from each order. Helps merchants to offer instant customer support for unsatisfied reviews and upsell their products to satisfied or loyal customers.

Wrapping up

Just keep in mind that raising the number of orders your ecommerce stores receive is a steady process. In a day or two, you won't notice any difference. If you followed this post's instructions and stayed committed to your store, you will see a large rise in order volume.

Have a good luck!