7 Reasons Why Photo Reviews Are Important for eCommerce Businesses

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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Nafih C

If you're starting an ecommerce store or a seasoned pro, you already know that product review photos are essential when selling anything online. Shoppers who cannot examine an object physically want as much information as possible about the item they are considering purchasing.

 Viewing it is one of the simplest ways to gather that information. However, business owners who settle for simple product snapshots will not see the best conversion rates. As a result, it is critical to invest in product review photos to ensure that your company puts its best foot forward.

Photo reviews: pretty, nice-to-have store additions or critical workhorses for your brand? If you don't immediately support the latter, you're doing your eCommerce business a disservice.

As you'll see today, customer photo reviews have the power to increase brand awareness, conversions, and sales, among other things.

They are part of a growing trend of businesses successfully leveraging user-generated content (UGC). And they go far beyond simply displaying star ratings and text-only reviews throughout your store. So, in this guide, we'll go over why photo reviews are essential for eCommerce businesses and how to get more of them.

What is the significance of product review images?

  1. They are the first thing your customers notice.

Photos of product reviews grab people's attention. Customers want to know that the product they're considering meets their expectations, whether they're looking for specific colors, sizes, styles, or other features that will make or break their opinion of the product. People make quick visual judgments, so making a good first impression will only help your case.

  1. They help your brand.

Product review photos serve as brand ambassadors by conveying your brand and style in a simple, efficient, and effective manner. Whether your brand is modern, kitschy, or somewhere in between, your product review photos will help to strengthen and distinguish it.

  1. They provide you with a competitive advantage.

Online shoppers are bombarded with options, including product styles, price ranges, ratings, reviews, etc. It would help if you always assumed that your customers would look at your competitors' products before making a final purchase decision. As a result, your product review photos must be enticing and portray your products in the most appealing light possible to capture the sale quickly.

  1. They resulted in increased sales and decreased returns

When combined with excellent and unique product copy, your ROI from product review photos is maximized. The more information a customer wants about a product, especially at higher price points, the closer they get to making a purchase decision. Helpful product information entices customers to buy and builds trust in your brand. Furthermore, the more unique your product review copy, the more likely you will be found in search. This results in a more informed purchasing experience, which yields fewer returns.

  1. They help customers understand your products better.

Convenience is the goal of modern online shopping experiences. One feature that this experience lacks is the ability for customers to handle a product of interest physically. Product review photos from previous customers help fill this void by providing customers with the information they need. Customers are far more likely to return for more when they can easily find their required information.

Here are 7 Reasons Why Photo Reviews Are Important for eCommerce Businesses

There is no denying that online product photo reviews are critical today. They are part of any marketing campaign today because they can significantly impact the industry and break sales. Check out the 7 most compelling reasons online product photo reviews are critical to your business.

  1. Increase your sales

People tend to pay attention to online product photo reviews and trust them just as they make recommendations from friends or family. According to BrightLocal's survey, 88 percent of people considered online product photo reviews when selecting a product or service that meets their needs.

Similarly, the survey found that 13% of people did not consider product photo reviews when purchasing a consumer product. This means that your company will be exposed to 88 percent of the buying population online, and the information provided by your customers in your online reviews will automatically increase your chances of generating leads and sales.

  1. Improve your local search rankings

Today, customer photo reviews are critical for organic search rankings in search engines. Allowing customer photo reviews will increase your company's credibility, while new reviews are written will increase the amount of unique content on your site.

Increased amounts of relevant and unique content increase the chances of being ranked on search engines, while the pages are also crawled more frequently by search engine bots than others.

Overall, photo reviews are critical today for improving search visibility and driving more traffic to the site via search engines.

  1. Increase the importance

Customers' purchasing decisions are made more flexible due to online photo reviews. With the increasing credibility of online photo reviews, local SEO algorithms consider the weight of such photo reviews in their visibility and rankings, providing more exposure to small and large businesses online.

Companies can quickly expand their brands with different ways of reviewing products and services, such as videos, infographics, and images, without spending a lot of money on marketing. Similarly, people tend to share online reviews with their friends, increasing the popularity of your products or services among consumers.

  1. Trust, credibility, and social proof are established through photo reviews.

Social proof is a phenomenon that explains why people are more likely to act when they see others doing so.

Customers must rely on your high-quality product images, compelling product descriptions, and customer reviews in the absence of physical locations where they can see, touch or even smell your items.

A whopping 89 percent of consumers read reviews before making a purchase, and just one review on your product page can increase conversion rates by 354%.

Customers want to see and hear how other people use and react to your products. They want to make sure your items match the images and descriptions (and aren't fakes).

  1. Boost conversion

Before purchasing a product or service, people seek out more and more information. As a result, the more photo reviews your product or service has, and the more honest they are, the higher the conversion rate. Getting positive 5-star reviews is not always a good thing. This adds suspicion to your product and may cause consumers to suspect something is wrong with it.

As a result, a mix of positive and negative reviews will positively affect the conversion rate. As long as the negative photo reviews do not outnumber the positive ones, you will see an increase in sales, resulting in a profit for your company.

  1. Encompass marketing opportunities.

Online photo reviews are unquestionably worthwhile, and they provide a slew of advantages to your company that most marketing campaigns do not. Online photo reviews serve as micro marketing campaigns that benefit your potential customers both now and in the future.

Bottom line: if you want to secure online visibility in search engines and generate more leads to make a profit, online photo reviews are just as critical as any other marketing campaign.

  1. Photo reviews assist customers in visualizing your products in their lives.

Real-world photo reviews from customers give shoppers a better idea of what your products are like in the real world.

Even if you list the actual dimensions of your products, some customers will ignore or misinterpret these numbers.

You'll get a lot of one-star reviews and complaints like "not true to size," "bigger than expected," or "smaller than the pictures." You'll not only have dissatisfied customers, but you'll also instill some skepticism.

Customer reviews with photos are a game-changer in this situation. They allow shoppers to see how clothes fit people with similar body types or how beauty products look on people with similar skin tones.

Final thoughts

They can be mighty when you know how to use customer photo reviews. So, are you getting the most out of your photos?

It's time to take your company to the next level by incorporating your customers' photos into your brand identity.

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