11 Strategies for Maximizing the Strength of Product Reviews with Reviewbit

Whether you work in marketing, sales, or product design, you understand the importance of a quality landing page.

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Strength of product reviews: Your customers are well aware that marketing is a never-ending process. Even if you're a well-known and reputable brand with a successful campaign, customers will look past it and conduct their research on your products. We can't emphasize this enough, particularly in ecommerce companies where things are intangible, and buyers seek confidence.

Since its inception in 1999, online reviews have been a major driving force behind consumer behaviour. People will always prefer to read about first-hand experiences from verified buyers rather than a paid-for marketer's calculated description.

But, in today's world, where do we stand with online reviews? In this fast-paced era of digital change, where ecommerce is exploding, it's critical to find new ways to leverage the strength of Product Reviews. But, knowing the facts alone isn't enough. It would help if you acted in a way that will boost online conversation, client satisfaction, and, eventually, revenue.

Why are product reviews so crucial for your online store's success?

Of course, users trust product reviews, so they're valuable. Customer reviews can help your team optimize a lot more than simply sales.

When you allow customers to share their real-life experiences, you'll get both positive and negative feedback. Knowing the negative is just as important as knowing the positive since it gives you an idea of how well your products and services match the market and where you need to improve to take your company to the next level.

Unfavorable evaluations can also add legitimacy to a product – after all; nothing gets 100% good feedback. And how your staff responds to negative criticism can help establish trust in your service even more.

Accept negative comments as an opportunity to tackle problems and commit to improvement.


Here are the 11 strategies for Maximizing the strength of Product Reviews with reviewbit

Photo reviews help Shopify merchants increase conversion rates by 90%. Here's how:

1.Set up your review request through WhatsApp and Collect reviews on autopilot

Genuine reviews are required to build incredible trust. Customers are far more inclined to hit the checkout button if they witness real individuals utilizing your stuff.

You can easily schedule automated review requests with reviewbit to encourage your consumers to take a photo and post a review. Here are some suggestions for making your review requests as effective as possible.

Default settings are exactly what they sound like: they're defaults. They work, but you can tailor review requests to meet your audience better and receive more reviews by customizing each message body and asking the proper questions.

Here, after installing the reviewbit, you can send the review request asking for star ratings to the new orders and past orders. Before sending, you can customize the messages asking for reviews.

Genuine reviews are required to build incredible trust. Customers are far more inclined to hit the checkout button if they witness real individuals utilizing your stuff.


2. Schedule your review request sending time

To get the best results, everything should be planned. So, the review collection process only works when your customers get complete satisfaction with your product, and if it is so, you will get the reviews as you expected.

So, you can send a request as you wish, maybe that after fulfilment or after purchase, or after delivery. You can schedule the review request sending time on the "review request" page.


3 . Get to know your clients

Create a positive client experience by building solid relationships. This platform always helps you to make strong customer relationship and by receiving exact reviews you can improve your service accordingly.

You may get positive as well as negative reviews. So, just utilize all reviews accordingly, like if you get best reviews, then you can display all that on product page. If you get negative reviews, then you should provide required support on time and then convert that review into positive reviews.

4. Make progress in retention

Encourage happy customers to buy from you again with discount offers. If you get a review then you can offer a coupon code for their next purchase. Thus you can easily retain your customers by this strategy.


5. Conversion rates on product pages can be increased by including reviews

What is the most common cause of conversion failure? Low level of trust . Your product pages are unquestionably your most effective conversion pages. Do they, however, convert as well as they could? You're missing out on a lot of conversions if you don't use social proof on your product pages.

Increase your conversion rates by including review widgets that demonstrate real consumers utilising your items. Within the widget you can showcase star ratings, reviews in words, photo/video reviews and verified badge.


6 .You can export and import reviews as needed

Import reviews to apps like Loox, Yotpo, Judge.me, and others by exporting reviews to CSV. If you are using other review apps, then you can easily export collected reviews to a CSV file and then import to your review collection apps manually and then publish the same correspondingly.

Exported reviews:

Importing reviews:


7. Integration makes the review publishing more easier

Reviewbit provides the feature of integration. If you already using other review apps, then just integrate with the same and thus your review publishing on product page will takes place automatically.

Reviewbit always try to make your tasks more easier.


8. Able to send review request in customer's native language

If you are thinking that language is one of the problem to collect reviews, just forget it. Here is the solution for that too. You have the option of changing your chat's language. Requests for WhatsApp reviews are available in 11 languages:

  • English Spanish German French

  • Arabic Indonesian Bahasa

  • Hebrew Dutch

  • PortugueseItalianTurkish

9.Easily collect video reviews

Easily collect video reviews via WhatsApp. To transmit a photo or video, simply press the camera button in WhatsApp. Never before has something been so simple. Since it is WhatsApp, customers doesn't feel any hassle to share their video reviews.

10. Able to collect photo reviews automatically

Set up automated, completely branded review requests and reminders to encourage your customers to take a photo and share it on WhatsApp.


11.Provide special and immediate customer service in the case of bad feedback

Resolve the problem with your customers to increase their loyalty. If you get a low rating and negative reviews, instantly send your WhatsApp number for the direct support. If you are able to do so, you can easily resolve their issues as soon as immediately and thus your brand will become more loyal.


What are some ways to boost the quantity of product reviews?

Installing a review collection programme like "reviewbit" would be preferable. Because it is different from other applications in that it collects reviews using WhatsApp. So, because it's done over WhatsApp, there's no need for a tedious form to collect star ratings, reviews, and responses from your customers.

The app's setup is also incredibly simple, and it's ready to collect reviews in only a few minutes. You can also simply collect photo/video reviews.

Final thoughts

You've spent numerous hours improving your store, acquiring the appropriate software, conducting product research, and deciding on your marketing approach. So, before you begin generating traffic to your store, double-check that all of your pages have solid social proof.

Best of luck!