How can you create discount coupons, is it possible to give custom coupon codes?

  • Go to “Chat flow settings” page on dashboard
  • Then click “Chat flow settings” tab
  • There you can find “Discount Message”
  • There you can set “Discount type“- Fixed/Percentage
  • Also able to set “Discount value

  • Then you can set a customized “Discount code” by clicking the edit button.
  • Then click green colored “Create Coupon” button.
  • Now you can enable discount messages by giving a tick mark and if you can want to change standard template set click on “Manage templates“.
whatsapp marketing on Shopify
  • Then you’ll redirected to the “Templates” section’s discount message,and there you can edit your customized message as you wish.
  • After all that select the event when your discount message is to be sent.

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