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How Can Review Rich Snippets Help Your Shopify Store’s SEO?

Consider review-rich snippets as a significant SEO benefit. Review rich snippets are your buddy if you want your website to stand out on the search engine results page (SERP). Even better, review-rich snippets may result in higher-quality traffic.

Using review-rich snippets is one of the finest techniques to boost your visibility in Google’s search results. Rich snippets can be a significant addition to any webmaster’s toolset because they can capture the attention of potential visitors.

Rich snippets exist in various shapes and sizes, with review-rich snippets being one of the most popular. So what are some ways that review-rich snippets can help you improve your SEO and increase sales? Let’s check it out.

In this article, you will get:

  • The definition of review rich snippets
  • The advantages of using review rich snippets
  • The working of review rich snippets to improve SEO
  • Do review-rich Snippets Really Drive Traffic to your Shopify store?
  • How to add reviews to create the best rich snippets?

The definition for review-rich snippets

Let’s get a better understanding of what review-rich snippets are before we get into the detailed portion. Snippets are the items that appear on the Google search results page. They’re on every website; they’re made up of the page title, URL, and a brief meta description of the content, which can be written by the author or generated automatically by Google.

However, you may be wondering how your website would stand out if every website has a snippet. Rich snippets are useful in this situation.

Review-rich snippets add value to a page by providing additional information with customer reviews and ratings. They’re not to be confused with featured snippets, which are the extra special results displayed at the top of the results page and are usually from extremely trustworthy websites with a lot of authority.

Review snippets, a type of rich snippet that includes a numerical rating, typically an average of all reviews on a certain product page and a small extract from a relevant review, are one of the most popular. Consumers can use this information to learn about other people’s thoughts on the products and services they’re looking for.

The advantages of using review rich snippets

  • Providing ‘reliability’ results: Providing outcomes that are more likely to meet the user’s purpose. On the other hand, if the review rich snippet’s informational advantage satisfies the user’s search query, it may eliminate the need to click through for more engagement.


  • Results that capture the eye: Getting a search user’s attention away from your competitors’ listings and toward your own.


  • Increased CTR: Effectively boosting click-through rates and minimizing the probability of the user ‘bouncing’ as they learn more about the page before clicking through. There is also the potential to deter users if the additional rich snippets of information show something they were not looking for.


  • Enhance Credibility and Prestige of your store: Having your store with a review-rich snippet by Google is a tremendous accomplishment that gives your website a huge credibility boost. Anyone who sees your website as a highlighted snippet assumes you’re the most trustworthy source of information for their query.


The working of review-rich snippets to improve SEO

review rich snippets

Ranking high in search results is fantastic, but the substance of the snippet is what ultimately drives people to click through. Therefore, review rich snippets make your pages appear more appealing in search results.

The first example is probably the most appealing because it makes full use of the product schema mark-up (schema mark-up is a type of code that aids search engines in understanding and representing your content in search results.). By having the most ratings and presenting the price, it develops trust and entices the click.

You can also leverage these attributes as a competitive layer in the SERP, such as prices, the number of reviews, ratings, or cooking times for recipes. They’re giving you more room to entice clicks with useful information. For instance, I may see more individuals clicking on a product result that is ranked second but is less expensive than the first.

Thus, snippets with attractive reviews and ratings automatically engage users to get into the page.

Do Review-rich Snippets Really Drive Traffic to your Shopify Store?

Yes, as I previously stated, rich snippets provide a summary of the answer followed by a link to the answer source in response to a user’s question.

The question now is, why would the user bother to click on the link and go to the website if the information is already available in summary? When the new rich snippets were first announced, search engine optimization experts were concerned. However, their fears were unfounded, as websites listed as review-rich snippets saw a significant increase in CTR.

Here are the two reasons:

  • A review-rich snippet attracts more user attention by being placed above the organic ranking, as evidenced by rank tracking tools.


  • Only a summary of the answer is provided to the user. The snippet improves the website’s credibility and persuades the user that the website is reliable and can get more relevant information by clicking on the link.


How to add reviews to create the best review-rich snippets?

Rich snippets are created by Google using structured data found on your page. You can manually include relevant information in your webpage using JSON-LD, Microdata, or RDFa syntax. Following that, Google will read it and generate the necessary rich snippet.

Although, if you have no prior coding skills, this may be challenging. Instead, go to the Google structured data mark-up helper website, enter the page for which you want to produce structured data, and highlight the content you wish to include in the rich snippet. Google will generate this data, and you can copy and paste it onto your page.

All these complexities can be skipped by just getting the app “reviewbit“.

The simplest option is to install an app that handles all of the work for you. All you have to do with “reviewbit” is install the app and enable the review snippets option. Without you needing to do anything, the review-rich snippets will be uploaded to your pages.

Final thoughts

Review rich snippets are essential for your SEO results because of the numerous advantages they provide. More visitors to your website will be attracted if you provide additional information to your users and make yourself stand out from other search results.

I hope this article will help you to improve your SEO and bring you more sales.

Good luck!

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