How to deal with negative customer feedback on your Shopify store?

If your store is actively managing orders, you will always get lots of negative customer feedback, particularly if you have an automatic review request sending apps that are scheduled to send messages to buyers.

Like all Shopify stores, you will receive all types of customer reviews, both negative and positive. I highly recommend that you reply to all customer reviews you receive in your store, especially negative customer feedback. Why is it so?

Because this active action lets your customers know you are always thinking and care about them and thus you can give your customers a positive shopping experience

Step #1 Choose the automated way to help dissatisfied customers.

In addition to replying directly to negative customer feedbacks with an offer to help, you can also automatically send a WhatsApp message to anyone who leaves a negative feedback to offer to help make things perfect.

You can do so by creating a segment of those who left 1-star review rating so you can send them automatic follow-up WhatsApp message.

Negative customer feedback

You should choose an automated review request sending the app to receive feedback from your customers. Reviewbit can play a clear role in the gathering of reviews. This app will send scheduled review requests after fulfilment/purchase/delivery.

One of the major features of reviewbit regarding the negative review is that if any low rated/ negative customer feedback is received, then a message will be sent by the app automatically for giving immediate support that includes your WhatsApp number.

Negative customer feedback

So the way for giving support for negative customer feedback can be made easy by reviewbit. Under the “WhatsApp configuration” settings you can customise the message that ensures the support for negative customer feedback.

Step #2 Thank the customer to dedicated their time to leave a feedback

Once you set the automated mode to send support then initially you should thank them for dedicating their time to leave a feedback.

Negative customer feedback

This is a tactic to make customers cool. This may help you smoothen the reviewer’s anger before taking further steps to resolve their issues.

Then you should give assurance of making whole issues fine. This assurance will give them hope in you and try to resolve as soon as possible without making them too much boring and hassle.

Suppose you can provide everything smoothly, and again if you have an issue with the same customer. They will await your dedicated service because they have hope for your service. So, the best customer support on time will retain your customer forever.

Step #3 Try to provide polite responses to negative customer feedback

It would be best to keep a high level of patience in handling negative customer feedback because they might be too angry or their mood is entirely off. So, be patient and be ready to take them smoothly.

Negative customer feedback

Whatever the problems, you should avoid being too defensive in your Response to angry buyers. This will lead to your service get entirely unprofessional, and they will turn off your favour completely. Here is an example of reviews in which how you can manage negative customer feedback more tactically:

Negative customer feedback: Terrible service/product, will not recommend!

Your Response: “Sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience with our service. We promise that we’ll try hard to make our service/product the best it can be, but you should be aware that problems can still emerge. So, don’t worry we all are here to support and solve your issues.

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Step #4 Try to provide most relevant solution

I always recommend that you should provide most relevant solutions immediately to any customers who left a negative feedback and offer the best solution to resolve their issues. Then only you can retain on this competitive world.

Suppose you can resolve the issue instantly for the complaint of the customer, you can request them to update their review. In such a situation, you can easily revert a negative review into a positive one and by that you can create best impression on them!

If the issue didn’t get resolved, you still try to show that you are doing your best to help them, and your customers will appreciate this hard work.

Negative customer feedback

Wrap up

Responding to your customer’s reviews is the most important matter, especially negative feedback if you want to build trust with your audience and convert as many as possible into real customers.

Please follow the steps I have shared in this blog to respond to your negative customer feedback, and you’ll be on your way to increase customer engagement and boost your sales and conversion rate.

Have a good day!

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